Wing Chun is a scam martial art

Wing Tsun in Braunau
Self-defense in the Kung Fu style

Acting independently and being able to defend yourself if necessary: ​​This is what the martial art Wing Tsun teaches. Training takes place in the Wing Tsun School in Braunau.

BRAUNAU (hell). A fight avoided is a fight won: This is the first fighting principle in Wing Tsun, a self-defense technique. Christoph Neufeld trains Wing Tsun in Braunau and explains the philosophy behind the Chinese martial art: "Wing Tsun is a Kung Fu style and around 300 years old. Self-assertion and self-defense, but also violence prevention, play a major role. Wing Tsun makes use of this the philosophies of Zen Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. "

Kids Wing Tsun in Braunau

This martial art is particularly suitable for children to strengthen their self-confidence: "The children learn to develop a feeling for their own limits and to defend them through a confident manner and certain communication, but also physically if necessary," explains the 43-year-old Braunauer. Six-year-olds can start training in the Wing Tsun school in Braunau.

From victim to enemy

Wing Tsun gives self-confidence: "Many violent criminals look for an easy victim - but not for a fair fight," says Neufeld. The Wing Tsun athletes improve their demeanor with role plays and exercises: "We want to develop from a victim to a potential opponent for any attacker."

Neufeld came to Wing Tsun ten years ago: "I was always interested in martial arts. After I had experience in hand-to-hand combat training during a year-long UN mission as a soldier, I came to Wing Tsun through two friends. I am now an instructor in the umbrella organization , the European Wing Tsun Organization. "

Courses for adults, teenagers and children take place on Steindlstraße in Braunau. Contact:

Photos: EWTO / Neufeld