Hotels need to check your ID

What does it mean that an ID has been verified?

We want you to be sure that the people on Airbnb are who they say they are. One of the measures we take is to check an official identification document. This can be a driver's license, a passport, an identity card or a visa.

Why ID documents are checked

Some hosts require their guests to present government identification in order to book an accommodation or experience. Sometimes we also ask for an identification document to verify that someone is really who they claim to be. Whatever the reason, your ID will never be shared with other Airbnb users.

If a host or guest says “ID verified”, it means that they have successfully submitted an ID. Among other things, we can ensure that Airbnb remains secure and prevent fraud.

How identification documents are verified

A guest or host will be asked to provide a photo of their ID. This happens before the guest can make a booking or the host can complete an advertisement. Then we check that the person who submitted the ID is actually that person. Sometimes this is done by asking the host or guest to take a picture of themselves. We then compare this with the picture on the ID document.

This is how we protect the community

Here are a few examples of how we're committed to creating a safe and trustworthy community around the world:

  • Risk assessment: Every booking on Airbnb is checked for possible risks before confirmation. We use special forecast systems and machine learning to immediately evaluate hundreds of signals. These help us to identify and evaluate suspicious activity before anything can happen.
  • Watchlists and background checks: We compare all hosts and guests worldwide with lists of authorities, terrorists and sanctions - even if, of course, no verification system is perfect. We also perform a background check on hosts and guests in the United States.
  • Customer service every day around the clock: Our global team is available 24/7 in 11 different languages ​​to help with rebooking, refunds, compensation and more. We are there for you when you need us.
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