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Doers & Managers: The 20 most beautiful executive offices

Just behind Jürgen Flimm, Torsten Oletzky, CEO of the Ergo Insurance Group, is on the podium.

Sometimes time stands still in his office. Then the 170-year-old grandfather clock by Belgian watchmaker Nicola-Marie Lhoest went on strike. When storms shake the administration tower of Düsseldorf's Ergo headquarters, the sensitive clockwork on the 26th floor gets out of step. "But that rarely happens," reassures Torsten Oletzky, 43, who has been CEO of the Ergo Insurance Group since 2008, 99.6 percent of which is owned by Munich reinsurer Munich Re. With more than 50,000 employees and almost 18 billion euros in premium income, the Ergo Group is the third largest primary insurer in Germany after Allianz and Generali Deutschland. In order to establish the brand even more firmly in the market, the group subsidiaries Hamburg-Mannheimer and KarstadtQuelle will also acquire insurance under the Ergo logo from next year. Only the D.A.S. and the DKV keep their original name. “I started with 17 square meters and have now landed at around 50 square meters,” says the business economist and ex-McKinsey consultant, describing his career path from the student dorm to the executive office. The furniture there no longer comes from Ikea, but from the Swiss furniture manufacturer USM-Haller. From the continuously adjustable standing desk, Oletzky can see the Rhine, and on a clear day he can even see Cologne. A digital photo frame shows pictures of his family - with changing motifs: sometimes during carnival, sometimes on vacation - but suddenly 1. FC Köln appears. "A little bit of local patriotism shouldn't be missing in Düsseldorf", says the Cologne-born football fan. He points to "Hennes VIII." The billy goat - mascot of the Cologne football team - has a permanent standing place as a stuffed animal under the pictures of the Füssen artist Günther Förg.

Text: Ulrich Groothuis; Michael Dannenmann for WirtschaftsWoche

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