How do you rate Deloitte Consulting


A great consulting company! Family friendliness is slowly improving ...

Employee or workerAt the time of the assessment, was working in the IT department at Deloitte Consulting in Munich.

I think it's good about the employer

Transparency, diversity, equality etc. are very important at Deloitte! The partners in Germany are all white, 45+ and German (which is not a reproach, just a comment).

I think it's bad about the employer

Work-life balance is either not addressed or is discussed far too little. The workload puts off many colleagues, so that they feel compelled to change jobs.

The salary is unfortunately not an attractive and timely one!

Suggestions for improvement

Pays colleagues in the lower career levels the salary they deserve. There is no point in hiring a 25-year-old, blowing him / her for 2 years and then losing him / her to the competition ...

Working atmosphere

The working atmosphere on projects can of course be stressful, but on the whole it's really great! It is fun to work on current topics and every tool is made available to get the desired result. Of course this is manager / project dependent ...


Deloitte invests a lot in marketing and brand building. However, one should not forget the reality;)
Usually the relationship between Deloitte and the staff has been pretty good! However, within one (Corona year 2020) year it turned by 180 ┬░ C, because, for example, promised bonuses were not paid out, there was no increase in salary, but you should still work 55 or 60 hours. You were also promoted ... but without a salary increase ... so you have more work + responsibility, but you are not paid for this. All of this is very damaging to the image and I am curious to see how Deloitte will now take countermeasures.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is FINALLY discussed (2021) ...! But only because an extremely large number of colleagues have left the company. The situation in consulting has worsened due to Corona, as the travel time has been eliminated and you have to work even more. I am glad that Deloitte FINALLY addressed the topic and measures such as overtime paid out or celebrated. I don't think it's good to offer an analyst 45k euros for a 55h week ... that's just not fair ... especially when you know how much Deloitte earns from you ...

Career / further education

Deloitte invests a lot in training and internal knowledge sharing.

Salary / social benefits

After a few years at Deloitte, I received tons of offers ... for example from customers, partners or other consulting firms. The offered salaries far exceeded the remuneration paid by Deloitte ... I think it's a shame that Deloitte is not willing to spend more on its employees. A SAP consultant currently earns around 50K fixed ... but he / she works on average around 55h + travel time (which is not paid or written down). That is far too little for such a strenuous work!

Cohesion among colleagues

You work 90% in a team and the cohesion within the peer is very important. On projects, too, one has the impression of working with "friends" rather than with "work colleagues".

Dealing with older colleagues

You rarely see older colleagues in your own peer. The older colleagues (45+) are mostly senior managers, directors or partners. The handling of these is flawless.

Managerial behavior

It depends on the person ... there are great superiors who do everything to make you feel good. Again there are superiors who lie to you and / or make false promises.

working conditions

Deloitte ensures that nothing is missing.
What is to be criticized, however: It makes a difference whether you work in the Stuttgart office or in D├╝sseldorf. The Stuttgart office, for example, doesn't even have tables that can be raised.


There are regular meetings on all kinds of topics! Especially during the Corona crisis, deloitte showed which informational assets Deloitte has.

equal rights

Equality is a top priority at Deloitte! We get regular trainings & emails about diversity, gender topics, etc.

Interesting tasks

You work on the very latest topics!

Environmental / social awareness