What are some famous vegan dishes

Top 10: Vegan dishes

Have you ever cooked vegan? No? Then it is high time! Our top 10 proves how diverse vegan dishes can be.

1. Tagliatelle with watercress and almond sauce

Fresh watercress, fine almond sauce and spicy almond brittle mix with the ribbon noodles. Garlic and ginger are a great seasoning!

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2. Chickpea pancakes

Oriental tasty: beetroot cooked in ginger and orange and creamy mint-soy yoghurt are perfect accompaniments for the fluffy chickpea pancake. Fruity pomegranate seeds make the dish perfect!

to the recipe: chickpea pancakes

3. Flatbread with asparagus and hummus

Hummus, asparagus and cauliflower nestle close together between toasted flatbread slices. Healthy and extremely tasty!

about the recipe: flatbread with asparagus and hummus

4. Spring minestrone

Skill is skill: our spring minestrone with fresh asparagus, crunchy carrots, fruity tomatoes, white beans and small noodles makes four people happy and full of spoons!

to the recipe: spring minestrone

5. Vegetable rice with tofu

Our mouths water at this sight: Not only vegan fans love crispy fried tofu cubes with colorful rice with mango!

to the recipe: vegetable rice with tofu

6. Bulgur salad

Simply wonderful: cucumber and tomatoes add color accents to the bulgur salad! Incidentally, this is easy to prepare and is suitable as a small office snack.

to the recipe: bulgur salad

7. Mexican polenta with chilli and guacamole

Fiesta mexicana: Anyone who says chili has to say "con polenta" - coriander-saturated guacamole tops the juicy thalers!

to the recipe: Mexican polenta talers with chili and guacamole

8. Chickpea and carrot soup

Wonderfully creamy and aromatic, with avocado on top - awakens the spirits in 25 minutes.

to the recipe: Chickpea and carrot soup

9. Cucumber and rice salad

Nothing is perfect? Yes, this salad does. The combination of cucumber, rice and lime freshness is in itself pretty ingenious, but with the chilli heat and peanut cracker it is simply unbeatable!

to the recipe: cucumber rice salad

10. Romanesco pan with fregola

Trying is better than studying: Who would have thought that almond sauce, olives, sultanas, despite their differences, harmonize wonderfully with pasta and Romanesco?

to the recipe: Romanesco pan with Fregola