Does a recruiter have a future?

What will the recruiter look like by 2022?

2022 will be here before we know it, and if the world of recruiting continues to change at a rapid pace, it will certainly look a lot different. Especially Recruiter will be subject to many changes, and the introduction of a new way of thinking will be crucial to their evolution. In this article, we take an in-depth look at what recruiting will look like in the future.

How recruiting has changed

Recruiting has changed dramatically in the last 10 years and will continue to change over the next 10 years. Some of the biggest changes in recent times have been:

1. Passive labor market

The battle for talent is becoming increasingly competitive as the unemployment rate has dropped to four percent. The majority of candidates are no longer actively looking for a job, but rather passive candidates who need to be persuaded to leave their current position.

2. Technology change

Recruiting is increasingly being done digitally, and a significant part of the process now takes place online. Now more than ever, having the right tools in place to improve both the online and online recruiting process is critical.

3. New channels

Social media and social networks have become an important part of recruiting in recent years. Social networks like LinkedIn make it possible to establish connections without personal or telephone interactions. Facebook has also become a popular place to post jobs and connect with different audiences.

4. More competition

As there are fewer candidates in the market, competition between recruiters increases. It is important to stand out from the crowd and agencies need to convince candidates why they should be particularly interested in their agency.

5. New recruiting strategies

One of the most important new strategies in recruiting is employer branding. By implementing employer branding, recruiters can convince candidates why they are the top agency. By contacting early, the candidates are more likely to come into contact with the brand of an agency and submit an application.

Why software is essential to recruiter success

For recruiters in particular, there are certain trends that will be critical to future success. Recruiters need to be proactive in deciding how best to use these tools and techniques to stay ahead of the competition.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use recruiting marketing software that provides functions for implementing a modern recruiting process.


Talent pool

Talent pools are essential for recruiters as they always need a pipeline of qualified candidates to fill their endless list of open positions. It is easy to fill this pool with recruiting marketing software.

Screenshot: Example of a Talent Pool pop-up from Talention

Candidate nurturing

Caring for candidates is also important for recruiters. It helps keep the candidates "warm," which means they can develop a positive relationship with the recruiter and be easily notified of new jobs.

Nurturing campaigns can be easily set up and automated using recruiting marketing software. An example of part of a nurturing campaign is sending out a monthly newsletter to keep candidates informed of the latest happenings.

Screenshot: Example of the newsletter tool in Talention


Recruiters looking to the future will focus on events. For example, events such as hackathons, IT meet-ups, etc. offer a good opportunity to get to know potential candidates without obligation. With recruiting marketing software, you can promote your events via email campaigns, landing pages and much more.

Active sourcing

Active sourcing is an integral part of the range of tasks of recruiters. In today's digital society, a significant part of it is now done online. Recruiting marketing software with a sourcing tool can be particularly beneficial for recruiters who want to speed up this process.

Screenshot: Example of the Active Sourcing Tool in Talention

Landing Pages

Landing pages will be an important part of the recruiter's website in the future. For recruiters, this can mean that pages are specifically available for certain professions or, for example, for college graduates. Using recruiting marketing software, you can create certain pages from simple templates and integrate them into your website.

A / B tests

A / B tests are the perfect example of how methods from modern online marketing are becoming an important part of the recruiting process. A / B testing is becoming a crucial part of the recruiting strategy for recruiters, especially in the area of ​​job advertisements. For example, recruiters can use recruiting marketing software to compare two versions of a job advertisement to determine which is more successful.

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