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Ryder Lynn


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Ryder Lynn is currently a 10th grader at William McKinley High School. He made his first appearance in the episode The role that was intended for youwhen Finn recruits him for the school musical "Grease". After his appearance in the musical, he decides to join New Directions. After an argument with Jake in Dynamic duets he finds out that he is dyslexic.

To get over his crush on Marley, he dedicates himself to feud Katie, an online crush, who he shares all of his secrets with only to find out he's been kidnapped. In About finding love he tries to find out who played him so badly because he's tired of the games that were played with him. It is revealed that Unique Adams was behind Katie, leading Ryder to threaten to leave the Glee Club for the Regionals. In season five, however, he returns, which suggests that they have settled their differences. In New Directions the Glee Club is dissolved, which is why it is no longer a member of New Directions.

In Homecoming it is revealed that Sue sent him to another school after the Glee Club was dissolved.

He is named by the winner of the second season of The Glee Project, Blake Jenner, shown.


Season four

In The role that was intended for you convinces Finn, Ryder to audition for the school musical "Grease" and sings with him Juke Box Hero. Then Ryder and Marley talk, while Jake watches them jealously and Kitty says that he is now losing his girl to a guy with the "old school Justin Bieber hairstyle".

In Glease Finn invites the boys, including Ryder, to the garage and gets them to study the content of "Grease" more. Then they sing Greased Lightning. Ryder is looking for Marley and finds her in the girls' bathroom, where she is trying to throw up. Ryder makes it clear to her that this is not the solution and can calm her down a little. He also explains to her that he doesn't like it when he kisses someone and they smell like vomit. This gives Marley courage and the two prepare for their performance. Marley later changed and Ryder is blown away. Kitty arrives and tries to unsettle Marley, but Ryder approaches Marley and makes it clear to her that she shouldn't listen to Kitty because she is magical. He supports his statement with a kiss. The grand finale is coming up and Ryder and Marley are performing with the entire group You're The One That I Want (Glease).

In Dynamic duets Jake is about to ask Marley if she would like to go out with him when Ryder arrives and tells him that he already has a date on Friday and that he won't let Jake move Marley. The two start insulting each other with words until Finn comes along and separates them from each other. In the next Glee lesson, Finn, Ryder and Kitty are introduced as new members of the Glee Club, completing them for the Sectionals. Finn's idea is to let the kids sing duets under the theme "Dynamic Duets". For this he forms pairs. Jake and Ryder as well as Kitty and Marley are put together in a team by him. Jake and Ryder sing the song together Supermanfighting for Marley. When the song turns into a fight between the two of them, Finn takes them both to a conversation and wants them to tell each other their secrets in order to better understand each other so that they can be together

know. Later in the locker room, Jake gives Ryder a piece of paper that says his weakness is written on it, but Ryder wants him to tell him in the face. After he has done that, he now says that it is Ryder's turn, but he only blocks it. After a short time he tells him that he just wanted Jake to tell him his weakness because he himself couldn't read what was written on the piece of paper. After Jake gave Finn the tip that Ryder can't read, Ryder takes Ryder to a test to find out what really Ryder's problem is. The test determines that Ryder is dyslexic and has problems reading and writing. Ryder explains to Finn afterwards that he always thought he was stupid and everyone would have told him that he just had to learn more then he would make it. He had to live with this identity for a long time, but he was always ashamed.

Finn says he doesn't have to do this anymore and that all the Glee Kids will stand behind him. Ryder thanks him but gets to hear that the thanks must go to Jake. The next day Ryder comes to Marley and wants to cancel her date for Friday because he wants to study.

In Goodbye makes friends Jake meets Ryder while he is rehearsing. Ryder informs him that he can't cope with all of the dance and text learning, after Jake reveals he was brought up in ballet, he admits that he downplayed his talent because he didn't want to show Ryder off. Ryder wants Jake to take on the role of lead dancer, but Jake refuses and wants to help him. Together they watch the song for the Sectionals on the Dalton's still kept laptop. Ryder tries to convince Jake that he has an injury so that he takes the lead in the dance, he also makes it clear that it would be best for everyone. The New Directions begin their performance Gangnam style, with their dance and the energy they pour out, Marley goes totally sick and collapses on stage.

In Swan song If the New Direction lose the Sectionals, many members decide to leave the Glee Club and prefer to join another club. Ryder and Jake go to the basketball team, but in the end they all find each other again because the club means a lot to them and they sing Don't Dream It's Over.

InIndeed ... Glee Ryder appears in Artie's dream while bullying Kurt with Jake, Finn, Puck, and Mike. At the end of the episode, he performs with New DirectionsHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas what they in Marleys

Sing "Order" for Sue.

InLadies first Ryder is the first to be seen walking around McKinley with the other boys. During the Sadie Hawkins dance, he sings with the other boys No scrubs and in the end aloneI only have eyes for you.

In Calendar boys it is announced that the Warblers have cheated on the Sectionals and thus the New Directions are on. Since they need money for the bus travel expenses, the kids want to make a "Men of McKinley" calendar "with the boys from the Glee Club. For this, the boys, including Ryder, need tips on how to pose the calendar. Sam opens a seminar and they sing togetherCenterfold / Hot In Herre during training. Ryder and Jake then pose in front of Tina and Kitty to practice the poses for the calendar. Jake confesses to Ryder that the feelings are

getting stronger between him and Marley. Ryder explains to him that he has to get emotionally naked in order to win Marley's heart. Later he celebrates their success together with New DirectionsThis Is The New Year.

InThe diva in you Ryder is seen first in the choir room when Finn and Emma explain what it means to be a diva. He later helps Brittany put on her costume. He's also on during Tina's performanceHung Up to see.

InOne lets love Ryder helps Jake with Marley's Valentine's Week. During Will and Emma's wedding, Jake brings up the subject of sex. Ryder seems to bother with the idea that Jake and Marley are having sex, saying that Marley is not ready for this yet and that they should wait - this episode especially shows his strong feelings for Marley. At the end of the week, Marley thanks Ryder for the great gifts and says that Jake would never be able to come up with anything like that. He kisses Marley, but apologizes immediately afterwards. During the performance ofAnything Could Happen the two smile at each other and Jake watches this suspiciously.

InHollywood-style dramas Ryder appears when Will announces the weekly task. Later he performs with the boysOld Time Rock & Roll / Danger Zone. After that, before Jake and MarleyUnchained Melody singing, Jake admits that Ryder had the ideas and gifts for Valentine's Day week. During the song, Marley thinks that Ryder would sing this song for her and the two kiss too. When the song ends, Marley confesses to Jake that Ryder kissed her. Ryder later performed with New Directions Footloose. Meanwhile, Marley and Ryder dance together and smile at each other. Jake is suspicious of this. When the performance ends, the two hug.

Infeud Ryder chats with a mysterious girl named Katie-xoxo. He shares personal secrets with her, including how Unique has furiously confronted him for ruining Marley and Jakes's relationship. Ryder's insistence that Unique is actually a boy doesn't help. Katie-xoxo suggests that he resolve the dispute with a song about the weekly task. Ryder and Unique start their sing-off with The Bitch Is Back / Dress You Up, but after that Unique only wants to make up with Ryder,