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You will love working here!

No room for advancement. Different day, same thing!

The attorney's take care of their employees!

Don't take anything personal on crazy busy days!
I was there for a temporary work assignment on numerous occassions and enjoyed myself everytime. You are welcomed with open arms and the work is simple and direct. You must maintain a level of confidentiality when working here because their work is a little unorthodox for multi-million dollar clients which makes it so fun.

The worse experience I had was feeling out of place when I wore my naturally kinky curly hair being an african american woman but other than that the environment is chill. Stocked kitchen. Easy work. I love it.
Bain is a place where everyone can enjoy working.The atmosphere is amazing. Super friendly staff and easy to talk to everyone.
Of all my experience I found Bain to be the most interesting and challenging. The one biggest problem is it is a very intense and demanding environment. There seems to be a lot of turnover but I believe that is typical for most consulting companies because this is the nature of the beast
Very strong and challenging environment with alot of young bright empkoyees
Client service is always challenging, but Bain is the best place to do it. Supportive colleagues and leaders, and engagements focused on our clients' most important issues, make it an incredible place to work.
Committed leadership team; Interesting and challenging issues
Limited control over hours and travel