Is almond good for the face

Almond oil for the face: effect and use in body care

If you do not want to use almond oil for your face or body care, but still do not want to forego the valuable nutrients in almonds, you can also eat almonds. In this way, the body uses the healthy ingredients of the almond from the inside, so that the skin is also cared for and oiled if consumed regularly.

  • If you do not tolerate almonds, do not feel comfortable with them or are allergic to the oil, you can also use alternatives to face and body care.
  • Coconut oil is particularly well tolerated. In contrast to almond oil and other vegetable oils, it does not contain the long-chain fatty acids, but the short-chain ones. Since the body needs the short-chain fatty acids for all work in the body, it can make particularly good use of coconut oil.
  • The long-chain fatty acids, on the other hand, easily trigger allergies or intolerances. Especially if too many are taken or the body has problems digesting fat. This is also evident when the fat is absorbed through the skin.
  • If you are not allergic to the fats but to the almond oil itself, you can also test other vegetable oils.
  • For example, pure jojoba oil, pure macadamia nut oil, pure avocado oil or pure olive oil are very good for the face and body care. Please note that here too little is needed.
  • Pure shea butter or cocoa butter are also suitable for face and body care, including the lips and hair. Both are often better tolerated than vegetable oils.
  • So try out which care your skin and body reacts best to and what it feels most comfortable with.