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“KSC TUT GUT.” - KSC intensifies social responsibility


Under the motto KSC TUT GUT. the Karlsruher SC is expanding its social responsibility and is getting involved in the club, city and region in a more targeted manner for social projects on the topics of diversity, education and the environment.

The Karlsruher SC is a home association and an important integration point for everyone in Karlsruhe, in the region. The KSC is aware of its responsibility as a professional football club. Under the motto KSC TUT GUT. The KSC is now expanding its social commitment and in the KSC family, city and region will in future be more involved in social projects on the topics of diversity, education and the environment.

“Because we are rooted in Karlsruhe and the entire region, we see it as our duty to take responsibility in society. As Karlsruher SC, we want to use our charisma, regardless of the sporting nature, in order to focus more on important social issues in the future, ”said KSC Managing Director Michael Becker. The association is supported by the CG Group as the main partner and by the Wirth Group. “About other partners that we at KSC TUT GUT. would like to support, we are of course very happy, ”explains Becker.

An overview of the core issues

Diversity: With KSC TUT GUT. we stand for diversity and support everyone's participation in social life. We also stand for cosmopolitanism and want to show racism and discrimination the red card! This also includes the opportunity for everyone to participate in club life. We therefore ensure that mentally or physically impaired people can enjoy the stadium and club experience.

Education: We want to give everyone in our KSC environment the chance to develop themselves and their environment. Special attention is paid to children and young people, whom we want to help to go through the world (self-) reflective and open. For KSC TUT GUT. this generation stands for the future.

Environment: We are aware of the ecological responsibility that a football club has to bear. On the one hand we want to adapt our internal processes and behavior, on the other hand we want to support sustainable projects in our region in order to make our contribution to a healthy environment.

Shirt campaign at the home game against 1. FC Nürnberg

At the upcoming home game against 1. FC Nürnberg (Friday, 6.30 p.m., Wildpark Stadium), the CG Group will not be branding its sleeves as a top sponsor of the KSC. Instead, the new logo from KSC TUT GUT. adorn the jerseys. These are then sold for a good cause. The proceeds flow directly into social projects related to KSC TUT GUT. For example, a large part of the jersey campaign goes into the procurement of equipment for the football club of the Heimstiftung - a project partner of KSC TUT GUT.

“This action corresponds exactly to the understanding of the CG Gruppe that social engagement promotes a strong civil society. That is why we have been passionately supporting charity projects for disadvantaged children and homeless young people for many years and are enthusiastic about KSC TUT GUT. on the ball! ”, says Martin A. Müller, authorized signatory of CG Gruppe AG and managing director of GEM Ingenieur GmbH.

Detailed information on KSC TUT GUT. and the projects are available at ksc.de/ksctutgut.