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Engineer salary: this is how much you can earn!

Engineer salary facts

AsEngineer no matter what industry you are in, you will be paid very well. At a Starting salary of 46,600 euros gross per year you are already very high up. But if you specialize in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for example, you can also expect an annual gross salary of 52,837 euros per year. So in engineering it is very important what industry you work in and which educational qualifications you have.

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  2. Influencing factors
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  4. Promotion opportunities
  5. International comparison
  6. Alternatives
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Starting salary as an engineer

Due to the various specializations within engineering, it is difficult to make a general statement about starting salaries. However, you can get roughly from one Gross salary of 4,300 euros per month go out.

As a young professional, you are on average very high when it comes to the starting salary. However, the salary as an engineer depends on a number of factors: These include Industries that are very diverse in your field and the salary can also vary greatly. Then there is the Company size, the federal state and last but not least yours graduation. You will earn more with a master’s degree than with a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate.

Factors influencing the salary of an engineer

When you start a new job, you have to keep in mind that it various influencing factors that can either increase or reduce your salary. We have summarized the most important factors influencing the salary of an engineer.


In engineering, the differences in salaries between the various industries are very large. The chemical industry is at the forefront with an annual salary of 52,400 euros gross upon entryAt the end of the day, the construction industry stands at 41,900 euros gross to start a career.

Company size

Another factor is that Size of the companyin which you are employed. In one small or medium-sized businesses your starting salary is usually included 43,000 euros gross per year. In one medium-sized companies are it 47,000 euros and in one Large corporations beautiful 51,000 euros gross per year.

federal state

The state in which you earn the most as an engineer is Baden-Württemberg with 49,900 euros gross per year, Hesse follow immediately with 49,000 euros gross per year and Bavaria with 47,500 annual salary. Engineers earn the least Saxony (37,700 euros gross), in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (37,700 euros gross) and Saxony-Anhalt (37,600 euros gross).


As an engineer, Graduation will have a huge impact on your salary. With a Bachelor degree you will earn the least when you start your job, for example 44,500 euros on average. If you join as a trainee, you will join Trainee salary, which is roughly the same. With a master you can already go with 48,100 euros gross Calculate annual earnings. The annual salary is highest with one promotion. You can do an average of this when you start 52,500 euros gross to earn.

federal stateAverage gross salary per year
North Rhine-Westphalia45.500
Lower Saxony44.200
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania37.600

Salary by industry

That's how much you can earn as an industrial engineer

Also at Industrial engineers salary depends on several factors, such as graduation. With a Bachelor of Engineering in industrial engineering your starting salary is an average of 47,116 euros gross per month, with a Master of Engineering at 48,902 euros. A Master's degree is worthwhile therefore at the start. After a few years, the salaries usually equalize. On average, you can after two years of professional experience between 45,840 euros and 52,659 euros earn, after five years it is even an average of 77,896 euros and up to 99,893 euros gross per year.

That's how much you can earn as a civil engineer

As Civil engineer you earn comparatively less than in other areas of engineering. Having a Bachelor of Engineering is yours Starting salary at an average of 40,303 euros gross, with a master's at 43,392 euros. The difference between the degrees is therefore large. To ten years of professional experience your salary can be up to 67,000 euros gross per year climb.

That's how much you can earn as a chemical engineer

With a bachelor's or master's degree, you can earn 57,000 euros gross as a chemical engineer, expect a doctorate with a gross amount of 63,000 euros per year. Since that average starting salary at 50,000 euros gross in the year, chemical engineers are among the top earners among engineers.

That's how much you can earn as a mechanical engineer

Also as Mechanical engineer does the degree make a difference: With a Bachelor of Engineering, that's it Starting salary at an average of EUR 46,391 gross per year, with a Master of Engineering at 48,749 euros gross annual salary. To two years of work experience can you with about49,179 euros gross calculate, after six to ten years with 65,022 euros and after more than ten years your gross salary will rise to an average of 77,066 euros per year.

Further training and promotion opportunities as an engineer

With a lot of professional experience, the salary of engineers increases. The best in the industry, however, are those who earn extra take on a lot of responsibility. This means that engineers in top positions, such as Managers, up to 101,400 euros gross per year can earn. For this it is also important to continuously develop, train and gain experience. The profession of engineer is therefore one of the highest paid professions

Engineer salary in an international comparison

As German engineer are you lying in an international comparison of salaries at the top! The annual salary in Sweden, at 37,000 euros gross, and in Great Britain at 42,000 euros, is one of the higher in Europe, just like in Belgium, where an engineer earns around 38,000 euros when starting out, and in France, where it is around 40,000 Gross euros per year. The countries are still below the German average.

In Spain and Italy the situation is very different: Earning on average Spanish engineers around 23,000 euros gross in the year while it is in Italy even only 17,000 euros are. Both are well below the German and European averages.

The USA leads the world - if newcomers find a job there. The The unemployment rate is almost twice as high as in GermanyFor this, engineers in the USA earn an average of 62,000 dollars, or 55,000 euros gross per year.

The earning potential in similar professions

The profession of engineer doesn’t correspond to your expectations, but you still want to pursue a similar profession? We provide you alternative income opportunities in front.


If you'd prefer to stay at university, you can also study engineering work as a professor. To do this, you start as a research assistant, with a gross salary of between 2,200 and 3,000 euros per month. For a subsequent junior professorship you need a doctorate, but earn around 3,400 euros gross per month. After all, as a professor, you're lying with someone Basic salary from 4,000 euros gross per month or as a W-3 professor with a gross salary of EUR 5,000 or more per month.

Vocational school teacher

Become a vocational school teacher for technical subjects desperately wanted. If you can imagine teaching, that is Lateral entry as a vocational school teacher maybe just right for you. It depends on which federal state and with which qualification you take up this profession: It is Germany-wide Average gross monthly at around 3,665 euros, however, there are big differences depending on your location.

Computer scientist

IT specialists are specialists in IT, i.e. software development and information technology. You become a computer scientist by studying at a university or technical college. You can also use a complete dual studies. You can do that with a Annual salary from 40,000 euros to 50,000 euros gross calculate.

Overview: The most important information about the salary of the engineer

  • The salaries of engineers vary depending on the state, industry and degree.
  • With increasing professional experience, the salary increases significantly.
  • As an engineer, you can start with a gross salary of 4,300 euros per month.
  • German engineers do very well in an international context and are among the top earners in Europe.

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