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Israel's 26 ceasefire violations

On August 26, 2014, Israel and Hamas ended a war that killed 2,150 Palestinians (mostly civilians) and 73 Israelis (mostly soldiers) with a temporary ceasefire. Since then, Hamas has not fired a single rocket, attacked Israeli targets, or done anything that violates the ceasefire terms. Here is a list of Israeli actions:

1. Annexed 400 hectares of Palestinian land in the West Bank
2. Seized $ 56 million from Palestinian Authority tax revenues
3. Has not lifted the illegal blockade (a condition of the ceasefire)
4. Broke the truce in four incidents when Palestinian fishermen were fired.
5. Arrested six fishermen
6. Killed 22 year old Issa al Qatari a week before his wedding
7. Killed Mohammed Sinokrot, 16 years old, by being shot in the head with a plastic steel bullet
8. Tortured one prisoner to hospital
9. Refused entry to Gaza for 13 members of the European Parliament
10. Arrested at least 127 people in the West Bank, including a seven-year-old boy in Hebron and two children, ages seven and eight, from the courtyard of their home, and the mother was shot with tear gas
11. Still detained 33 members of the Palestinian Parliament in prison
12. Still held 500 administrative detainees with no formal charge or trial
13. Destroyed Bedouin houses in Khan al Ahmar near Jerusalem, leaving 14 people homeless, and published a plan to remove thousands of Bedouins from Jerusalem and force them to move to two purpose-built towns.
14. Destroyed a dairy farm in Hebron that was helping an orphanage
15. Destroyed a family home in Silwan, leaving five children homeless
16. Destroyed a house in Jerusalem that was storing supplies for Gaza
17. Destroyed a well near Hebron
18. Set fire to an olive grove near Hebron
19. Broke into a health center and kindergarten in Nablus and caused great damage
20. Destroyed fields in Rafah with tanks
21. Calls for the removal of a small memorial shrine in Jerusalem for Mohamed Abu Khdeir, who was murdered by an Israeli lynch mob in July
22. Continued work on an extensive network of tunnels under Jerusalem
23. Stormed the area around the Al Aqsamosque by a group of right-wing extremist settlers
24. Helped hundreds of settlers storm Joseph's grave in Nablus
25. Prevented students from entering Al Quds University by firing shock grenades and rubber-coated steel balls
26. Millions earned (the exact amount is unknown) selling building materials to rebuild Gaza, where 100,000 people are waiting for their destroyed homes to be rebuilt. The amount required is estimated at $ 7.8 billion.

Omar Robert Hamilton, After the Cease fire, September 17, 2014; http://www.globalresearch.ca/what-israel-has-done-after-the-ceasefire/5401865; with indication of the 26 news articles - translation - Martina Lauer


19. 7. 2014

Call by Israel's army: tens of thousands of people are to leave camps in the Gaza Strip - Israel wants to expand the war on the land in the Gaza Strip - despite rising casualties. The army called on around 50,000 residents of the Al-Bureidsch and Al-Maasi refugee camps to leave their homes. - The Israeli army destroys tunnels and rocket launchers of the radical Islamic Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Now the military is evidently facing the expansion of the ground war. On Saturday, the army called on the around 50,000 residents of the Al-Bureidsch and Al-Maasi refugee camps to vacate their accommodations. These are located in the center of the small Palestinian territory on the Mediterranean coast >>>


Gaza under intense fire as death toll mounts - At least 34 people killed in "relentless" shelling by tanks and artillery on the second day of Israeli ground invasion. At least 34 people have been killed in Gaza after Israeli army bombardment intensifies on the second day of a ground offensive it says is aimed at destroying Hamas' cross-border tunnels. Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker, reporting from Gaza, spoke of of "relentless and constant thuds" of tank fire across the eastern border of Gaza on Saturday, "with only around 10 seconds between each". She said the tanks were concentrated along eastern Gaza, bordering Israel, and that there were many civilian casualties in that area. Heavy Israeli artillery attacks were reported by an Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent across other areas of the enclave. Drones, jets and attack helicopters patrolled the skies. The Gaza Health Ministry said the death toll over 12 days now stood at 333. That figure included 77 children, 24 women and 18 senior citizens, and that more than 2,385 people have been injured. In another development on Saturday, agencies said Egyptian soldiers in north Sinai prevented an aid convoy of activists >>>


Hospital in Gaza: "Everything is missing here" - Raniah Salloum reports from Gaza - Hardly any clean water, hardly any electricity, hardly any narcotics: the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic. It is not just the war that is to blame. Aid organizations are calling for an end to the Israeli blockade. >>>


Photo gallery- The need is now even greater >>>


Dozens of dead in the Israeli ground offensive in Gaza According to the Palestinian authorities, 27 people have died in the Israeli ground offensive in the Gaza Strip since Thursday evening. An Israeli soldier also died. Hamas was adamant. "Netanyahu is killing our children and will pay the price," a spokesman said. >>>


«Israel does not want peace at all» - Moshe Zuckermann, history professor in Tel Aviv, comments on the reasons and consequences of the new escalation in the Middle East conflict. Before the start of the Israeli ground offensive in Gaza, there were signals of a ceasefire. Why was there another escalation of violence? Hamas did not accept the ceasefire because it did not get what it wanted from Israel. Hamas is calling for the Israeli blockade to be lifted, in particular for the access to Sinai and Egypt to be opened to supply the people in the Gaza Strip, who live in a very precarious situation. Hamas is also demanding the release of prisoners. >>>


Jürgen Todenhöfer: "Unbridled attack by the Israelis on Gaza"


Why I'm leaving Palestine - Jörg Knocha - Jörg Knocha worked for four years as a program manager for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ramallah. In the midst of the latest escalation in Gaza, he is now leaving the country and the conflict behind - also in order not to become a cynic. A few days ago I replied to an acquaintance who asked about the situation that one can get used to the regular escalations, bloodshed and even deaths of countless civilians. He aptly described this as a good indicator of the right time to move on. So that moment is here now. After more than four years I am leaving Palestine. Of course, I have never really come to terms with a state that is so far removed from what I was used to in Germany. But you dull. Flooded with pictures of dead children, which are now printed every day in the local newspapers or published on Facebook. Shocked by the reports by human rights organizations, some of them Israeli, about attacks on Palestinian civilians that went unpunished or about the inhumane living conditions in the Gaza Strip. >>>


Today - July 18, 2014 - Israel murdered a whole family again:
Israel murdered another family today:
◾Naim Moussa Abu Jarad (3 years)
◾Abdul Musa Abu Jarad (30 years)
◾Siham Moussa Abu Jarad (26 years old)
◾Rajaa Elian Abu Jarad
◾The child: Haniyah Abdul Rahman Abu Jarad
◾The child: Samih Naim Abu Jarad
◾The baby: Mosa Abdul Rahman Abu Jarad (6 months
◾The child: Ahlam Moussa Abu Jarad
Israel has killed 22 families since the aggression began. source


"What a miserable life!" - Around 25 people died in Gaza during the first wave of attacks - When the war hit Gaza with full force, Chalil al-Nadi and his family sat huddled in their small apartment in a five-story apartment building. Candles provided the only light - the electricity had long been out. The excited voices of the news anchors of the various Palestinian stations croaked from the old transistor radio. "Above us we heard the thunder of the Israeli fighter jets, the hum of the drones, the explosions of the grenades," says the 52-year-old family man. “While the noise of battle boomed around us, we kept hearing new news of civilians killed on the radio. What a miserable life! ”>>>


"We are in sleep mode" - In conversation with Etgar Keret about waiting for the next alarm in Tel Aviv and a lack of empathy for the people in Gaza (...) Etgar Keret: Waking up to an alarm every day is nerve-wracking, especially for someone who goes through life as stressed and anxious as I do. Actually, I should be in Slovakia at the moment to read from my texts. When I was about to fly my son asked me to stay so I canceled. It all attacks him very strongly. At the last alarm, a girl next to him began to tremble hysterically, that scared him. He is eight years old. In four years he will have his bar mitzvah. So far he has always wanted an iphone. Yesterday he came to me and said that he now wanted something different, namely that we would emigrate with him to another place. - What do you say as a father? - I asked if he was going anywhere in particular? He meant to where people treat each other as peacefully as possible. And with animals. I said okay, I'll google what kind of place this could be. New Zealand maybe? >>>


VIDEO - Todenhöfer: "Unbridled attack by the Israelis on Gaza" The journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer was in Gaza and Israel in the last few days. "The war so far is an immoderate attack by Israel on Gaza. [...] If the ground offensive is added now, Hamas will not collapse. But the small people of Gaza will collapse, who are in a cage in the narrowest part of the world lives." >>>

Justitia et Pax calls for courageous change in Israel and Palestine- The Justitia et Pax commission of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land urges radical change in Israel and Palestine and expresses its "sincere condolences to all Israelis and Palestinians" who mourn. The Swiss National Commission of Justitia et Pax supports this appeal from the Middle East, according to a media release from the Swiss Bishops' Conference. Justitia et Pax in Switzerland is a lay organization of the Roman Catholic Church, which, in cooperation with ecclesiastical and secular institutions, is mandated to promote justice and peace in Switzerland and worldwide. “Israel and Palestine are sinking into mourning,” it says in the appeal from the Middle East. Some of the victims of the latest outbreaks of violence would be “alive” in the minds of media consumers through detailed media reports, while others remained “faceless statistical figures” because of selective reporting, which was also part of the spiral of violence. A language that favors violence >>>


Today is David Goliath - In Gaza, Israel's mighty military machine fights against prisoners in its own land - Mumia Abu-Jamal - The biblical parable that deals with David's fight against Goliath is the epitome of a story about how the weak bring the strong to their knees can. It can fill people with the hope that they too may one day be able to prevail against a terrible adversary. In the Middle East today the continuation of this story is told, but from a very peculiar perspective, in which Israel, the Zionist state, is supposed to be David. From this point of view, the majority of Americans get their news from the Middle East - and they seem to want to hear it as well. Maybe that's reassuring for her. But the truth is that the situation there is anything but that. Israel has the most powerful military machine in the region, and it is also the most aggressive. >>>

David or Goliath? - Lutz Herden Gaza War Again, Israeli troops advance into the Gaza Strip to destroy Hamas' infrastructure. The air strikes have apparently not succeeded so far - it is an absurd interpretation of what happened last week when it is claimed, especially in the German media, that Prime Minister Netanyahu is an advocate of level-headed, cautious warfare in the Gaza Strip that avoids collateral damage and civilian victims. With more than 250 dead, thousands of wounded who can hardly be taken care of, and 100,000 Palestinians who are forced to flee but do not even know where to flee because they are nowhere safe - that is more than cynical. >>>


First night of Israeli ground operations kills 27 Palestinians; Ambulances come under fire attempting to retrieve the injured -Allison Deger - Israel’s ground invasion began last night at 10 pm with extensive blasts in the north of Gaza causing thousands to flee south. Since then, at least 27 Palestinians have been killed, bringing the total Palestinian casualties since "Operation Protective Edge" began ten days ago to 267 deaths and over 2,000 injuries. Those civilian casualties included three children aged four to 12 who were killed in their beds while sleeping last night. Peter Beaumont of the Guardian reported, "What I am most struck today is that the casualties I am seeing are largely children." >>>


"The Middle East conflict must not be imported into France" - Thomas Pany - A pro-Palestinian demonstration is banned in Paris - with the support of the President, who does not want an escalation. This is preprogrammed because identitary groups are cooking their own soup from the conflict and cannot be easily prevented from doing so - the situation is tricky, as is the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians on which it is based: the Paris prefecture today announced one for tomorrow Demonstration prohibited, the organizers call for support for the residents of the Gaza Strip. The case is taken very seriously politically, and President Hollande also feels called upon to defend the decision of the prefecture and the police. He is quoted as saying that it should not be that the Middle East conflict is being imported into France. A clash between rival demonstrators endangers public order and must be prevented. His interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has similarly spoken out in favor of banning the demonstration: the conditions are not met to guarantee security. - Abuse of power with the appearance of censorship? - Both terms, both "public order" and "security", are stimulating words that, especially when it comes to demonstrations, arouse suspicion: that the authorities arbitrarily push aside a fundamental right, that of freedom of assembly, about unpopular political ones Suppress expressions of opinion. This suspicion >>>

Do not breathe the dark smoke. An eyewitness reports from Gaza The Israeli ground offensive in the Gaza Strip has begun. For many residents, the worst fears are coming true. A young mother from Gaza City reports on everyday life under fire in the last few days before the invasion. Before the new escalation, I had already experienced two wars in 2008/9 and 2012. But this time I'm not only responsible for myself, but also for my six-month-old daughter. I have to be with her at all times and be ready to make funny noises as soon as the F16 fighters begin their attacks. The nights are worse than the days and each night becomes harder than the previous one. For more than ten days, my heart has been bleeding every time I see parents crying for their children on the news. >>>


Call of Gush Shalom and other Israeli human rights groups to demo in Tel Aviv

End the killing and the destruction!
Stop the fire, lift the siege, seek peace!

Saturday, July 19, 2014 at 8:00 pm
Habima Square, Tel Aviv


It is forbidden to shoot civilians. It is forbidden and yet it happens. Both sides do. Hamas shoots the people of Israel. Israel shoots the people of Gaza.

Two equally strong sides? Not even close. The Israeli state has enormous military and economic strength. With massive financial support from the US, Israel built the "iron dome" system, a huge technological achievement that protects us. That is why the rocket attacks on Israeli cities are above all a noise nuisance. The air alarm irritates, interferes a little with the daily routine, is sometimes frightening, but not much more.

The people of Gaza have no "iron dome", not the slightest protection from death that falls on them from the air, sea and land. The Israeli state is constantly bombarding Gaza, killing and killing and killing. Yes, the state of Israel does not deliberately plan to kill innocent civilians, men and women, old people and children, who play soccer on the beach. There is no deliberate planning - but it is a reality. The killing of unarmed civilians in Gaza continues, day after day, hour after hour. More than 200 Palestinians have been killed. A large part of them were unarmed civilians, dozen were children and it goes on.

"Why are they shooting at us?" the self-righteous, out-of-office President of Israel and Nobel Prize winner wonders. “Why don't they make Gaza a prosperous Singapore?” But Simon Peres forgot to mention that the city-state of Singapore, with a population and size comparable to the Gaza Strip, has the largest port in the world. There is no one there to block thousands of ships calling at the port from all over the world and to hold back the flow of trade on which Singapore's wealth is based. The tiny port of Gaza is closed and blocked. The Israeli Navy makes sure that not even the smallest ship reaches the port and shoots at fishing boats from Gaza that venture more than a few kilometers into the sea. Gaza is a huge prison for its residents, almost 2 million. The state of Israel and its neighbor Egypt - with whom relations have grown considerably closer since General Sisi seized power - are cooperating to maintain the siege of Gaza and effectively keep the population incarcerated without stepping outside can. The people of Gaza live by the sea, they can swim and play on the beach (except on days when deadly projectiles come from the sea). But they can't get on a boat and go out to sea, and they can't even fly anywhere in the world by plane. The overland route is also almost completely closed. Millions of people have been trapped in this tiny, narrow, overpopulated piece of land that is the Gaza Strip for years.

“We are besieging them because they are shooting at us,” say the leaders of Israel. (By the way, the siege of Gaza began long before Hamas took power there.) “We are shooting because you are besieging us. We will not agree to a ceasefire that does not also lift the siege, ”Gazans said this week. (And not all of them are Hamas supporters.)

There is no way to a ceasefire that simply restores the situation two weeks ago. The situation two weeks ago was intolerable - a situation of an absolute siege of Gaza that created suffering and economic suffocation and led to increasingly extreme poverty among the population. The siege of Gaza has given rise to several rounds of conflict. Continuing the siege would be the sure recipe for another round in a year or two.

Only lifting the siege of Gaza, when residents are allowed to come and go by land, sea and air, when goods can be imported and exported, and the economy can develop, can offer hope for the future . Only the lifting of the siege can give a chance for peace and tranquility on the border between Israel and Gaza. Ingrid Rumpf in Romanian


Gaza ground invasion: Shedding the pretense of 'precision' - Samer Badawi - The real aim was to annihilate anything within marching distance of the border - including, it turns out, a hospital housing elderly patients and international activists there to protect them. When he launched his war on Gaza 10 days ago, Benjamin Netanyahu instructed his military commanders to "take the gloves off." Yesterday, they put on brass knuckles. Shedding even the pretense of “precision” - a lie that has so far left at least 45 Palestinian children dead - Israeli tanks and warships shelled Gaza indiscriminately ahead of a ground incursion that Netanyahu claimed was aimed at destroying tunnels along the border with Israel. Never mind that Netanyahu himself, during his 2012 was on Gaza, used airstrikes to destroy far more sophisticated tunnels along the Rafah border. This time, one-ton bombs dropped from F-16s could not have sufficed. The real aim was to annihilate anything within marching distance of the border - including, it turns out, a hospital housing elderly patients and international activists there to protect them. >>>


War against Gaza - Israel begins ground offensive, at least 22 dead again. Israeli civilians cheer rocket strikes and threaten reporters. Media offices in Gaza bombed - Karin Leukefeld - The dying in Gaza continues. With the start of their ground offensive, the Israeli army advanced on Friday night from the north, east and south to the cordoned-off coastal strip. The advance was supported by rocket fire from the air and from the sea. The targets of the attacks are officially tunnels and rocket launchers. Attack helicopters also attacked buildings in Gaza City, including the Rimal residential area, where various media outlets have offices. Several employees of a local radio station and a photo reporter were injured. >>>



War kills the innocent too. It is therefore legitimate under four conditions at most:
1. We are under massive military attack - a case of defense.
2. All negotiation opportunities are fully exhausted.
3. In view of the gigantic danger, the killing of innocent people must also be accepted in defense.
4. All politicians who vote for war are ready to fight on the front lines. Or send their children.

If even one of these 4 conditions is not met, the war remains murder for me, even if it throws itself off the cloak of humanitarian intervention. Murder for which the politicians responsible must be harshly held accountable. As in the Nuremberg war criminals trials.

According to our Basic Law, war is only permissible for DEFENSE. Even the mere 'preparation' of a WAR OF OFFENSE is unconstitutional and punishable. Minimum sentence of 10 years. Some politicians seem unaware of our Constitution and the Criminal Code.

In the 'Two-Plus-Four-Treaty' of 1990 "the governments of the
Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic that only peace will emanate from German soil. "You read, Mr. Gauck?

Even so-called 'humanitarian reasons', such as human rights violations or the crimes of despots, do not justify a WAR OF ATTACK. Because even 'humanitarian' wars of aggression kill civilians, women and children. As the war against Saddam Hussein, with hundreds of thousands of civilians dead, terrifyingly showed. The weapon that only kills despots and people-flayers has unfortunately not yet been invented.

It is a violation of language to 'bash the skull' of innocent people in the name of humanity. Nothing else is war. There are no humanitarian bombs and no humanitarian wars.

Have you ever seen a child dying as a result of war, Mr Gauck? Have you ever been to a modern war? Come with me on one of my trips to Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria before you give your next speech on the war! I cordially invite you.

"Humanitarian reasons" are currently the most popular ploy to circumvent the prohibition of wars of aggression and the prohibition of interference in the internal affairs of foreign states. This trick, which is used more and more frequently, is not covered by the applicable international law. Although western states in particular go to great lengths to convert the legal prohibition of non-interference into a commandment to interfere. With the keyword 'responsibility to protect'- for humanitarian reasons, of course.

Really for humanitarian reasons? The most brutal dictators rule in dozens of countries around the world, and unimaginable human rights violations occur every day. But our politicians are not interested. The West only intervenes where important raw materials are involved or its strategic interests are affected.

The supposedly humanitarian reasons are mostly just a pretext for unrestrained interest politics. Ex-Federal President Köhler has openly admitted these interests. An honest man.

Wherever genocide occurs, the UN is called upon. To act responsibly. But not NATO. As much as some western politicians would like.




Do not apologize if you are for peace. The war-negatives and warmongers belong in the dock. Who always send the others to war. Who, like Churchill once, dream of 'happy little wars against barbaric peoples'. Makes it difficult for them to condemn war!

A person is never more pathetic than when he kills children, breaks mothers heart, murders, loots and rapes - when he wages war. Lord Byron is right: "To wipe a tear is more honorable than to shed rivers of blood."

Ramadan Karim! Your JT

PS: You have given me great support over the past 2 weeks. Against all insults, against demands to expel me from the CDU and to incite public prosecutors on me. That touched me. Thanks! Jürgen Todenhöfer

Who will win? - Uri Avnery, 7/19 14 - (...) AND now to Gaza. Everyone asks: who will win this round? Which must be answered in a Jewish way - by another question: how should one judge this? The classic definition of victory is: The side that stays on the battlefield has won the battle. But nobody moved here. Hamas is still there - and so is Israel.

Carl von Clausewitz, the Prussian war theorist, declared with the famous phrase that "a war is only the continuation of politics by other means". But neither side has clear political goals in this war. So victory cannot be judged that way.

Click on the picture to enlarge it

The intense bombing of Gaza has not resulted in Hamas surrendering. On the other hand, Hamas’s intense rocket campaign, which affected most of Israel, has not been successful either. The overwhelming success of the missiles reaching everywhere in Israel has met with the overwhelming success of the Iron Dome counter-missiles that intercept them. So until now it's a stalemate. But if a tiny fighting force in a tiny area reaches a stalemate with one of the most powerful armies in the world, it could be considered a victory.

THE LACK of an Israeli political goal is the result of confused thinking. The Israeli leadership, both political and military, doesn't really know how to deal with Hamas. It may have been forgotten that Hamas is largely an Israeli creation. During the first years of the occupation, when all political activity was banned and suppressed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the only place for Palestinians to meet and plan together was in the mosque.

At that time, Fatah was seen as Israel's archenemy. The Israeli leadership demonized Yasser Arafat, the ore-ore terrorist. The Islamists who hated Arafat were viewed as less evil, in fact, as secret allies.

I once asked the Shin Bet chief whether his organization created Hamas. His answer: “We did not create them. We tolerated them. ”That only changed a year after the start of the first Intifada, when Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the Hamas leader, was arrested. Since then, of course, reality has changed completely. Fatah is now an ally of Israel on security and Hamas is the arch-arch terrorist. But is that true? Some Israeli officers say that if Hamas didn't exist then it would have to be invented. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip. It can be held responsible for what is happening there. She takes care of law and order. She is a reliable partner for a break from fire. >>>

Hebron 1929 - Shuafat 2014 - Avraham Burg - I stayed quiet for the last few days. I have no words to describe the local hustle and bustle and the storm of emotions. What can be said about murder and violence, racist doctrines and religious zeal, combined with terrible political weakness and a weakness of intellect on the part of the Israeli leadership? What can be said that has not already been said? Nothing. And so I stayed silent.

In Shuafat everything became very sharp and clear. These days Jerusalem is wilting in the midday heat. City government workers are cleaning up the remains of the clashes on the roads leading to Shuafat. The burned out stations of the light railway line the way to the central mosque and the tent of the mourners. It's half full. Photographs by Mohammed Abu Khdeir adorn the walls of the mosque. A light east wind, coming from the desert, fills the tent with life for a moment. The visitors, who came from all over Palestine, apologize to me with limited vocabulary for the lack of water. "Because of the fast, you understand." Speeches are made. About God, the Merciful, the Gracious. About the martyr who has gone to eternal rest. All the things expected to be heard under such circumstances are said. They are angry with Mahmoud Abbas, make fun of Binyamin Netanyahu and fear for their future.

The church minister, who also acts as the organizer, tells me about the preparations for the boy's body for the grave. He has told this story hundreds of times to hundreds of people who have paid condolences, and it still moves him. Simple words, terrifying descriptions. Of a person who has been tied up and burned, inside and out, still alive. He spoke warmly of the teenager who, after the meal at dawn before fasting, had gone to prayer with his friends in the mosque. Suddenly my thoughts wandered to another city, to a more distant violence. I thought of a little girl who lived in a different time - different and yet so similar.

I recently wrote about my mother's story in Hebron. About a little Jewish girl with Arab neighbors, an Arab nanny and noble housekeepers who saved her, my grandmother and part of the family from the Hebron rampages. I owe my life and the lives of my children to the heroes Abu Shaker and Umm Shaker. Righteous among the nations who risked being killed by their own people, by those who had lost the face of God in them and ruthlessly killed as many of the Hebron Jews as they could. They stabbed, raped, strangled and - burned. From burning to burning, from burning the Jews in Hebron to burning Muhammad in the Jerusalem forest, all my memories awakened. Who can imagine the wicked souls of those Jewish haters who are as dark as the souls of the Butchers of Hebron in 1929? Can anyone understand all those who could close their ears and eyes to the screams of the innocent boy who was about to be murdered? Understanding has its limits, but memories apparently have no limits.

The clergyman spoke of the boy Mohammed who had been burned and I thought of my mother and how her childhood was burned. I thought of how >>>

Everyone has the right to life - Hagai El-Ad, B’tselem - The last few weeks have been appalling for anyone concerned about human life. The simple words of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Everyone has a right to life - embodies a basic moral principle that is being violated repeatedly these days.

Currently, the staff is focused on documenting and analyzing the situation and making unequivocal public statements based on the information we are collecting. When the missiles “knock on the roof”, the Israeli public has little leeway to criticize government policy. But the missiles don't just “knock” on the roofs; they bring death and destruction. This means that now, more urgently than ever, the time has come for us to document, analyze and decisively contradict.The leeway we have left in the Israeli discourse to report the truth about the current reality in Gaza is largely secured by the efforts of the human rights community (including B’tselem).

Our two employees on site in the Gaza Strip continue to work courageously and collect testimony, despite the difficult circumstances and the uncertainty for them and theirs. Several of our employees on site in the West Bank are helping from a distance by collecting testimony from Gaza over the phone. The staff in our Jerusalem office work day and night to analyze the incoming messages and process them in order to pass them on to the public. In media and TV interviews, we repeat the information we have collected and formulated: Civilians on both sides must be kept out of the hostilities. The people who live in the south of Israel, near the Gaza Strip and beyond, personal safety and normal life have become empty words. In Gaza, deaths continue to rise at a terrible rate, most of them civilians. First-hand reports of particular attacks are horrific. We are clearly against the illegal attacks on the homes of families of accomplices in Palestinian armed organizations, as euphemisms such as “targeted strikes” and “operational infrastructure” cannot mask the facts. Dozens (now over 2,000!) Houses have been illegally attacked. The in fact collective punishment in the form of destruction from the air is - at the terrible cost of human life (over 235!) And (21,000 homeless!) (Ger.E. Rohlfs)


Press release -The military demands that a rehabilitation hospital in Gaza be illegally evacuated.

B'tselem has discovered that the Israeli military is locking in the al-Wafaa hospital in the Shujaiyeh neighborhood to evacuate the patients like residents of the two districts of a-Shujaiyeh and a-Zeitun, today at July 16 8 o'clock in the evening. The hospital director Basman al-Ashi told B'tselem over the phone that the hospital received a message at around 11 a.m. last night that the residents of a-Shujaiyeh should leave the area and head north to the city center should.

According to al-Ashi, the hospital currently has 17 patients between 14 and 95. All of them suffer from various degrees of paralysis. There are also about 30 caregivers here and a number of international activists. Al-Ashi stated that there is no intention to evacuate the hospital ... these patients need special conditions that cannot be found in other hospitals.

The military demand to evacuate the hospital is illegal. A hospital is not a military target, even if it is evacuated. Moving hospital patients elsewhere is complicated and dangerous. In fact, under the current circumstances in Gaza, the danger is fatal. (German and slightly shortened: ellen Rohlfs)

Daily struggle for survival - Karin Leukefeld - In August it is nine years that the Israeli occupation forces surprisingly withdrew from the Gaza Strip. However, even after 2005, Israel never gave up comprehensive threats and controls. The freedom of movement of the residents of the coastal strip had already been restricted in 1989 by the introduction of magnetic cards. Only those who received such a card were formally allowed to leave the Gaza Strip. This did not apply to former prisoners and those affected by administrative detention or prisoners without charge or trial. Since January 1991, the border crossings into the Gaza Strip have remained basically closed. Anyone who had a magnetic card and wanted to travel had to submit an application. In 1993 border posts were built, which were upgraded to real fortresses with camera systems. In addition to restricting the freedom of movement of the 1.8 million Palestinians living in Gaza, trade goods were often stopped at the borders for days and weeks. Year after year, the Israeli occupation authorities came up with new forms of harassment for those imprisoned. >>>

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Gaza-Israel conflict: mediator urgently wanted - Raniah Salloum reports from Tel Aviv and the border with the Gaza Strip - The situation between Palestinians and Israelis is in a mess, negotiations are urgently needed. But there is no one who can - or wants to lead it. - A rumble of thunder can be heard constantly in the Israeli border area with Gaza. They are fighter jets that fly towards Gaza to drop their bombs there. In Israel, even in Tel Aviv, sirens can be heard again and again. Loudspeaker announcements warned of red alert on Wednesday morning. Four rockets are approaching from Gaza, but Israel's anti-missile defense system is shooting them down. It is the ninth day since the beginning of the recent war and there is no end to the violence in sight. Around 200 Palestinians have now been killed, three quarters of them civilians. Over a thousand people were injured >>>

100,000 residents in the Gaza Strip should leave their homes - Israel has attacked the homes of senior Hamas politicians. Now the army is warning residents of other regions against bombing. - Israel carried out further air strikes on the Gaza Strip during the night and destroyed the homes of high-ranking Hamas politicians. This was announced by the Israeli army. She also warned that people in the northern and eastern Gaza Strip should leave their homes. Armed forces officials said they asked about 100,000 people to get to safety. >>>


Israel warns Gaza residents - Israel is apparently serious about the threat of escalating air strikes in the Gaza Strip, and people in the north of the area are expected to leave their homes. Palestinian President Abbas wants to mediate. - After the failure of a ceasefire, Israel has asked residents in the northern Gaza Strip to leave their homes. This should be done "for their own safety," said the military. Civilian casualties in air strikes against positions of the Islamist Hamas are to be avoided in this way. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced an expansion of the mission for Wednesday >>>


Short ceasefire - Israel continues attacks on Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Netanyahu orders "hard blows". Around 200 Palestinians killed and 1,400 injured - Karin Leukefeld - A unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip announced by Israel on Tuesday morning was short-lived. In the afternoon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the densely populated area bombed again. The daily Haaretz reported, citing the military, that the head of government had instructed the army to carry out "hard strikes against terrorist targets in Gaza." The Israeli security cabinet had initially agreed to a unilateral ceasefire with two dissenting votes. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett of the reactionary settler party "Our House Israel" voted against the decision. >>>


Shelling from Gaza: First Israeli dies from Hamas grenade - Hamas has fired around a thousand rockets at Israel since the beginning of the recent Gaza conflict - now the bullets have killed a person for the first time. A civilian was hit by a grenade while bringing food to soldiers. - The recent escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas has resulted in the first death on the Israeli side. A 37-year-old civilian was hit and fatally wounded by a mortar shell near the Erez crossing. The man is said to have been in the area to bring food to Israeli soldiers, the military said. - Since the beginning of the most recent round of fighting a week ago, Israel has reportedly destroyed around 1,576 Hamas targets with air strikes. According to the Palestinian emergency services in Gaza, at least 194 people were killed and 1,400 others injured in the attacks. At least half of the victims were civilians. >>>


The Toxic Crisis of Israeli Society- While the death toll from the Israeli bombings in Gaza has risen to over 100, it has been reported that the ultra-nationalist Jews who kidnapped sixteen year old Muhammad Abu Khdeir in East Jerusalem last week have murdered him by they poured gasoline down his throat and set it on fire. There is a close connection between the violence used by the Israeli government in Gaza and the emergence of fascist elements within Israel capable of such bestial crimes. These events are symptomatic of an immense social and political crisis within Israel. The endless, escalating oppression of the Palestinians requires the mobilization of the most reactionary forces. >>>

Middle East conflict: Is there a chance for peace? - Audio - NDR Info - July 15, 2014 9:05 pm Author: Lehnert, Petra - The Middle East conflict seems hopelessly deadlocked. What could a new attempt at a peaceful solution look like? Is there only the two-state solution left? >>>


STRAINED IN GAZA - Jürgen Todenhöfer - "Gaza, July 15th. I have been in Gaza with my son Frederic for three days. We will also have to spend tonight in Gaza. The borders are closed. The people here are expecting particularly difficult nights Attacks from Israel.

We visited victims' families, climbed through bombed-out houses, walked through overcrowded hospitals. Always above us the threatening hum of Israeli combat drones.

In the evening we sit tense on the roof of our hotel and watch the ghostly "firefight" between Israel and Gaza. We see the brief flash of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets and their long white streak of smoke. Shortly afterwards the hissing hiss of an Israeli rocket, followed by an ear-deafening explosion. The earth is shaking.

At three o'clock in the morning our hotel was overflown by an Israeli missile so low that the hotel shook in its foundations. Like a major earthquake. We feel drowsy in the hallways. Do we have to get out of the hotel? The rocket destroyed a residential building 200 meters away from us. We go back to our rooms.

The current war, including its prehistory, is a shame. And it's absurd. Like most wars.

THE FIRST SHAME is the kidnapping and murder of the young Israeli settlers Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel. Whoever killed them cowardly. A spokesman for Hamas angrily denied me any involvement in this pathetic murder. Hamas is always committed to what it has done. She has nothing to do with this madness. Who is telling the truth

THE SECOND SHAME is the burning of the young Palestinian Mohammed Abu Khdeir alive. The Israeli perpetrators forced him to drink gasoline and set him on fire.

THE THIRD SHAME consists - after indiscriminate and brutal house searches and mass arrests in the West Bank - in the completely unrestrained bombing of the 1.8 million ghetto residents of Gaza. By Israeli fighter jets, missiles, helicopters, ships and drones. Result: 193 Palestinians dead (as of 6 p.m. Gaza time). Women, children. The bombardment is obviously excessive for everyone.

The real reason for this massive terrorist bombing is not the largely ineffective and amateurish shootings by Hamas and 'Islamic Jihad'. Which I also expressly condemn. It began after the killing of six Hamas fighters in Gaza and six Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.

We witnessed the shelling of Israel from Gaza first hand. The sirens of Jerusalem howled when three approaching missiles were detected. Jewish Israelis ran as white as chalk to their hotels. Two minutes later we heard three explosions in the distance. As usual, the projectiles had crashed into the surrounding area without causing any damage.

We also witnessed an attack from Gaza in Israel's Ashkelon. A Qassam bullet about three feet high had once again missed its target. It was bent over at a crossroads. Police secured the site of his crash landing.

In the evening in Jerusalem, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair sat at the table next to a small garden restaurant. He is supposedly still the "peace commissioner" of the so-called Middle East Quartet. He laughed and laughed. About the largely ineffective bullets from Hamas and 'Islamic Jihad'? Or about Gaza being seen as an attacker in the world media? He had an extremely enjoyable evening.

The Gaza War is a battle between David and Goliath. Except that this David from tiny Gaza rarely meets. And has no chance whatsoever. So far there have been a handful of injuries on the Israeli side and fortunately no deaths. I expressly deplore each of these Israeli injuries. Like every Palestinian dead and injured. All people are the same to me. Their suffering, their pain.

But to compare the senseless Hamas shooting with the massive murderous rocket strikes of the Israelis is completely unrealistic. This is already shown by the previous death toll: 193: 0. Headlines such as "Israel under heavy fire" turn the facts upside down. Gaza is under heavy fire!

Netanyahu wants to bring Hamas to its knees. Especially after it joined forces with moderate Fatah and thereby strengthened the Palestinian camp.

Netanyahu does not want a strong, united Palestinian leadership. He wants weak, indulgent, humiliated interlocutors like Mahmoud Abbas, whom he can lead through the ring by the nose ring. Without them fighting back. Which he never has to make real concessions. Because a Netanyahu makes no concessions. The suffering of the Palestinians under the occupation of Israel has never interested him and never will.

Netanyahu does not want peace with the Palestinians. Any leading US politician from Obama to Kerry would resignedly acknowledge this. Above all, Netanyahu does not want a free, independent Palestine.

But does Hamas want peace? This question must also be asked seriously. Especially when you think of the old Hamas charter. But was the surprising alliance with Fatah not exactly a signal that Hamas was ready, at least in part, to turn to Fatah's more forgiving, more forgiving course. Why did Netanyahu fight this alliance so uncompromisingly?

The Israeli government's policy towards the Palestinians has been excessive not just since the recent bombing of Gaza. This is not just my personal opinion. These are Israeli facts:

According to the Israeli human rights organization B'tselem, with whom we spoke on the phone over the weekend, 1,110 Israelis have been killed since the beginning of the 2nd Intifada on September 29, 2000 until today. During the same period, the Israelis killed over 7,000 Palestinians. Including over 1,500 children.

7,000: 1,110. Is that supposed to be self-defense?

Yesterday I sat for a long time at the blood-smeared bed of one-year-old Ismael. He was badly wounded in the back of the head by an Israeli missile. Will he survive?

Then I was at the bedside of the 6 year old Shaymaá. She was wounded in the abdomen, back, and liver. Her mother and two of her brothers were killed. But she doesn't know that yet.

And we stood in front of 9-year-old Maria's sick bed, shaken. An Israeli fragment of a missile is still in her head. She lost the language through what she experienced.

When I think about Gaza, my heart bleeds. But the world accepts almost everything without contradiction. It allows the truth about this war to be turned upside down in an almost grotesque way. That too is a shame.

Stunned from Gaza! Your JT

PS: We followed the final of the soccer World Cup together with Palestinian families in Gaza. For safety reasons, we didn't go to one of the many beach cafes. Shortly before the start of the Argentina-Holland game, 9 young Palestinians were killed by an Israeli missile, 15 injured. If that is not excessive warfare! "Jürgen Todenhöfer

Wounded Young Man Left Bleeding To Death In Hebron- Saed Bannoura - Several Israeli military jeeps invaded, on Monday morning, the Sammoua 'town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, seriously shot a young Palestinian man, then prevented medics from reaching him, instead forcing the young man to bleed to death 40 minutes later. Medical sources said the soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition at Monir Ahmad Hamdan al-Badarin, 21, causing serious injuries, and left him bleeding onto the ground until he uttered his last breath. >>>

Hell West Bank - soldiers bleeded young Palestinians to death for 40 minutes >>>

In the near future, the struggle to control the gas reserves off the coast of Gaza will increasingly become the focus of the conflict. Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has bluntly confirmed that it is about control of the gas resources off the coast of Gaza and an impending energy crisis of To avert Israel. He said Hamas would use the proceeds from the gas to finance terrorism, attacks on Israel and the gas installations, and on Fatah; they would not benefit the impoverished Palestinians.The current military operation was therefore brought forward in order to eliminate Hamas as a political power in the Gaza Strip.

According to a report in the University of California's Journal of Palestine Studies, Gaza has been strangled to prevent Palestinians from accessing Marine 1 and Marine 2 gas fields. Israel's long-term goal is "in addition to preventing the Palestinians from exploiting their own resources, to integrate the gas fields of the Gaza Strip into the adjacent Israeli offshore installations". That is part of the larger strategy of "separating the Palestinians from their land and natural resources in order to exploit them, and as consequences, blocking Palestinian economy development. Despite all formal agreements to the contrary, Israel continues to manage all the natural resources nominally under the jurisdiction of the PA, from land and water to maritime and hydrocarbonate resources ". >>>>

http://www.theguardian.com/environment/earth-insight/2014/jul/09/israel-war-gaza-palestine-natural-gas-energy-crisis Translation by K. Nebauer

Erdogan accuses Israeli politician of "Hitlerism" - The Turkish prime minister accuses Israel of "state terrorism" in view of the bombing of Gaza. - The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the Israeli Knesset MP Ayalet Shaked of a "Hitler attitude". Shaked had posted a twelve-year-old article by a journalist on Facebook, which she said was unpublished, calling for the death of mothers of militant Palestinians. "What difference is there between this attitude and Hitler's attitude," said Erdogan, according to the state-affiliated news agency Anadolu, on Tuesday at a parliamentary group meeting of his party AKP in parliament in Ankara. >>>

'MOTHERS OF ALL PALESTINIANS SHOULD ALSO BE KILLED,' SAYS ISRAELI POLITICIAN- Daily Sabah - 'Mothers of all Palestinians should also be killed,' says Israeli politicianISTANBUL - As the situation widely deteriorates in the Gaza Strip, Israeli parliament member and law-maker Ayelet Shaked has stigmatized all Palestinians as terrorists, wishing death on all Palestinians while supporting the Israeli military assault. On Monday Shaked quoted this on her Facebook page: "Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there. " >>>

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Israel, state of all its victims - Dahlia Scheindlin - Like the failed peace process or the policy of severing Gaza from the West Bank, the plight of the Bedouin in Israel is one more long-term problem that there is just no time to solve. Two Israeli sisters, 10 and 13, were wounded yesterday by Hamas rocket fire in the Negev. One of them is in critical condition with stomach wounds and underwent emergency surgery in Be’er Sheva, according to Israeli news. Maram and Atir Wakili are Bedouin; their grandfather Ibrahim, interviewed on Channel 10, explained that they live in far-flung areas where they are unable to hear sirens. And if they had heard one, they had no protected area where they could take refuge. Ibrahim heads a council that represents unrecognized Bedouin villages. These clusters of tents and shacks scattered around the region of lack basic infrastructure and services, including water lines and electricity grids, because they do not formally exist. Some have been destroyed by government or dozens of times; After more than six decades of neglect, recent government attempts to formalize their status were roundly criticized by human rights organizations and some Bedouin groups. They argued that the community had not been sufficiently consulted in the process, and that the solutions were coercive and >>>

PLO must take Palestine's case to the ICC- Stuart Littlewood - As I write, the Israelis have slaughtered 160 Palestinians in their latest mad-dog military adventure, the vast majority being civilians, including 35 children. Some 934 others have been wounded, including 280 children. [Editor's note: at the time of editing, 2100 UK time on 15 July, the casualty figure had risen to 194 Palestinians killed, 77 per cent of whom are civilian, and 1,500 wounded, while the Israeli toll was one dead.] And still the mighty international community shuffles and mumbles. The Israeli onslaught has brought a flurry of press releases from the Palestinian authorities. One gave detailed prisoner figures, highlighting that the huge number of Palestinians arrested in this latest blitz included 12 MPs, bringing the number of Palestinian parliamentarians in Israeli jails to 23. This shocking statistic shows the lengths to which the Zionist regime will go in order to deny Palestinians self-determination and a functioning democracy. >>>

Boycott Sodastream! - Klaus Franke - On Saturday, June 28, 2014, around 30 flash mob participants protested against the sale of soda soda machines from the Sodastream brand. The location of the BDS campaign was the MediaMarkt in Bonn, which sells Sodastream products that are manufactured in Palestinian territories illegally occupied by Israel and that are falsely declared as Israeli goods. BDS stands for boycott, de-investment and sanctions. During the action there was disproportionate fistfighting by the MediaMarkt "security staff". Fingers were twisted, punched in the stomach, people pushed to the ground. Nausea and vomiting, unconsciousness, shock and pain experienced the group of protesters with participants from the BDS / Nakba Group Bonn, the German-Palestinian Society North Rhine-Westphalia, the IPK Bonn e.V., supported by Handala e.V. Marburg and Arbeiterfotografie Customers who witnessed the process report that a "peaceful demo takes a dramatic turn". Another eyewitness on gonzo-magazine.net: "In my opinion, this harshness is in no relation to the prevailing situation and I am immensely shocked by the aggressive and uncontrolled behavior of a security employee. To approach older, defenseless people is absurd in my eyes I'm quite sure that this situation could have been resolved differently !!! I feel like I'm in a bad movie now. " Immediately after the event, the "Jewish voice for a just peace in the Middle East" turned to the Metro group of companies, to which MediaMarkt also belongs, with the request to clarify the matter. >>>

Shooting is allowed - Israel is bombing Gaza: Bild, Welt and taz are already on a war course - Comment by Hans Berger - Demo in London Taz editor Sonja Vogel is outraged because she has discovered something monstrous: "Lovers of the simple explanation of the world had it in them The last few days were very nice. Compatriots were able to find out from newspapers, radio and TV how simple the 'Middle East conflict' is. The reporting of local press organs drives the writer, who otherwise works in the cultural department, to now also offend on foreign policy. “The Germans have a heart for the losers in this complex world, for the victims of Israel and America as agents of evil capital. David, no Siegfried against Goliath! she writes. What upset Sonja Vogel is that there are people who even claim that Israel has something to do with the current escalation in and around Gaza. "If three young people are murdered and rockets are fired from Gaza, then Israel has started a war. Is it still possible?" (1) At least one media company could save the reputation of the local journalists' guild in Ms. Vogel's eyes: that of the "German patriot Axel Springer", as Sven Felix Kellerhoff liked to call him. Because Springer had built his house with the help of former Nazi propagandists and anti-Semites (2), but then committed it in his "corporate principles" to lasting transatlantic friendship with the United States and fundamental solidarity with Israel. >>>

Picture above left - Such nails can be found in the tank shells of the Zionist army. Something like that is forbidden internationally ..... But Israel is not punished for this but receives a reward (a delivery of weapons from the USA or a submarine from Germany). Women for Palestine


Dieter Graumann, President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, presented his opinion on the state of affairs in the Gaza conflict in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on Wednesday, which is his right, but one can also be amazed at the perception of the reality of this high official . The massacre that the Israelis are currently perpetrating on the people of the Gaza Strip is really being described as the “struggle for freedom, tolerance, equality and democracy”. Literally he writes: “Our values ​​are also defended in Israel. Therefore, more than ever, we should stand by Israel's side in these difficult hours. ”In what reality is this man actually living?
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In order to get their propagandistic arguments across, Zionists argue fundamentally ahistorically, i.e. without taking into account the historical facts that have led to the current situation and the never-ending violence between Jews and Palestinians. Walter Hollstein wrote in his groundbreaking book No Peace for Israel as early as 1972. Regarding the social history of the Palestine conflict: “The conflict between Arabs and Israelis cannot, however, be resolved by 'recognizing' today's facts without taking into account the facts of yesterday, because the current conflict does not begin with the 1967 war, but rather seventy Years earlier - with the Zionist claim to power in an Arab Palestine. "

These sentences are as true today as they were 42 years ago when they were written. And so Graumann has to omit all the facts that led to the current outbreak of violence: the complete cordoning off of the Gaza Strip by land, sea and air, which has existed for years. Nobody and nothing is allowed in or out without Israel's approval: Gaza is the largest open-air prison in the world - without any perspective or hope for the people that this situation could one day change. Israeli politicians have even calculated the number of calories given to the people there - 1,000 a day is enough. Unparalleled cynicism! Most of the people in Gaza vegetate in misery. There is no longer any clean water because the Israelis destroyed the sewage treatment plants (probably Hamas fighters were also hiding there!), And electricity is only available by the hour because the Israelis bombed the power plants. Medical care has almost completely collapsed and and ...