What does it mean to be pure in life


purity is a German word with a variety of meanings. Purity can refer to character, personality. But purity can also refer to a belief, e.g. B. the purity of faith, the purity of teaching.

Purity always exists when something is not mixed up, not too complex. Purity of character is synonymous with integrity, honesty, and sincerity. Character purity is even more important and often also takes on a spiritual and religious dimension.

Spiritual purity also means the absence of selfishness, of self-centeredness. Spiritual purity means being free from thoughts of self, greed, and hurt. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says: Blessed are those who are pure in heart. You will see God. If you are clean inside, God can be perceived in your heart.

Purity - a virtue. What is purity Where does the word come from? What is purity good for? What are their limits? How can you cultivate it? What is the opposite of purity?

Swami Sivananda on purity

The Indian yoga master and sage SwamiSivananda writes in his book "How to Cultivate Virtues and Eradicate Vices" about "Purity" [1]:

Purity is the absence of dirt and spiritual and ethical pollution. In a narrower sense, purity is chastity in thought, word and deed. Purity is freedom from voluptuous, sexual thoughts. Purity is moral cleanliness.

There are two kinds of purity (saucha) - inner purity and outer purity. Freedom from RagaDwesha, purity of intention, purity of motivation and purity of the bhava represent inner purity. The purity of the body, the purity of the clothes, the purity of the surroundings such as the house and its neighborhood determine the external purity. Purity is the main part of virtue. Purity can only be achieved in life through the spirit or the soul.

Your soul is Nitya Shuddha (eternally pure). Through contact with the mind and senses, you have become impure. Regain your original purity through japa, kirtan, prayer, meditation, asking "Who am I?", Practicing pranayama, study, satsang and sattvige nourishment.

No spiritual progress is possible without purity. Atman is purity. You should attain this always pure Atman through the practice of purity, through the quality of purity, through Brahmacharya in thought, word and deed. And pray. "Oh adorable sir! Make my mind pure. Free me from all unclean thoughts. Make my mind as transparent as a crystal, as pure as the snow of the Himalayas, as shining as a shining mirror.

What more important things do you have to do than rid your life of all hostility, impurities, hatred and lust, and enrich it with love, purity, peace and goodness?

Purity as a Helpful Virtue

Excerpt from a lecture by Sukadev Bretz

Purity plays a special role in the various religions and spiritual traditions. In Christianity there is the Bible and there Jesus says: "Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God."

When your heart is pure, you come to the depths of your soul and in the depths of your soul you feel the divine. And even if your heart is pure, you will see this divine in others too. In ancient Judaism, too, there were, and in modern Judaism, especially Orthodox Judaism, there are also plenty of purity regulations.

It is true that Christianity has abolished many of Judaism's external purity regulations, but internal purity is still important. In Hinduism, purity is of particular importance, perhaps even external purity so important that it is quite a bit over the top.

The higher the caste, the more complicated the purity regulations are. Basically, one can say that a caste person can do more or less what he wants, a caste brahmin of the higher classes, he is not allowed to do anything, not to eat meat, not to drink alcohol, not to smoke cigarettes, not to eat fish , Eggs, onions, garlic, mushrooms, etc. So, many purity regulations.

Furthermore, - he can only touch things with his right hand and he can only have his hair cut at certain times, etc. There are a lot of cleanliness regulations and if you don't obey them then there are a lot of things to do must in order to become ritually clean again. Certainly some things are exaggerated there, but the basic attitude is definitely a twofold good one.

Of course, if you know Yoga Vidya, you know, we are against caste separation and in the Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh this caste separation is of course not practiced either, to the point that one does not even know who is now from a higher or a lower caste, who will become people treated similarly or identically.

And of course with Yoga Vidya this goes without saying. But what you can take from it, the higher the ideals, the higher you should of course keep the demands on your own purity. And purity comes on different levels. First of all, of course, there is the purity in your environment.

Purity, of course, means that your home is tidy, that it is clean, and that it uplifts the spirit. Assuming you have mold in your home and everything is lying around everywhere, it has an effect on your mind and it also has an effect on your health.

And sometimes it helps for your own joy and also for more energy to just tidy up. It doesn't all have to be pikobello and I also belong rather to the creative chaos, where everything is piled up on my desk, but a certain purity in the environment is important, hygiene and a certain order helps.

The second aspect of cleanliness is, of course, personal hygiene. This is also important and is probably now taken for granted by most readers. Purity here means personal hygiene in two ways: on the one hand, it is consideration for others, you shouldn't stink, you shouldn't smell bad.

So it is important that you shower regularly, that you clean yourself physically, that you wash your clothes regularly, and if you have a tendency to body odor, then also use deodorant. That is this cleansing, but of course, the cleansing of the body also has health effects.

A certain amount of personal hygiene is important. If you wash your hands often enough, you reduce the chance of catching colds to a quarter, there are good empirical studies on this. If you keep your various parts of the body clean, there will be less mold and other things to build up there.

But if you overdo it with physical purity, then that is not good either, then you take off the protective layer of the skin. And if you wash too much and use too much soap, that's not good either. So, finding the right level of purity is good.

Purity is then also the inner physical purity that you achieve through what you eat. And I recommend that you eat pure food, i.e. that you do not consume alcohol, do not smoke, do not use drugs, do not eat meat, do not eat fish, do not use dairy products, do not consume onions, garlic, etc.

These are definitely the Brahmanic purity regulations for nutrition, although I am a bit stricter and say that dairy products are also not good, that is also something that on the one hand makes the body slimy, impure, but above all for the animals is not good.

And then there are the so-called kriyas in yoga, the purification techniques. Salt water cleansing of the nose, there is lung cleansing through rapid breathing and there is colon cleansing through certain abdominal movements. And all of the yoga asanas and pranayama, i.e. the yoga postures and breathing exercises, also want to cleanse the body.

And then there is the energetic cleansing, which is brought about on the one hand by the physical cleansing, but also by alternating breathing, by mantras, mantra singing, meditation. And there is emotional purity, that is, acting out of compassion, acting out of kindness, being truthful.

That is the emotional purity. Then there is the spiritual purity of having pure thoughts. And finally, the spiritual purity of being permeable, seeing the divine everywhere, deep within, and being fully open to divine guidance. It says: "Blessed are the pure of heart, they will see God, they will be led by God, they will realize God."

Lotus meditation to develop softness and purity

Meditation instruction from Swami Nirgunananda

For this meditation it is helpful if you have a photo or picture of a lotus flower or alternatively a water lily and place it in front of you. The lotus is rooted in the earth, in the mud, grows up through the water, remains untouched by earth and water and any pollution. Everything rolls off the surface of its flowers and leaves. Therefore, the lotus particularly stands for properties such as beauty, softness, purity, flawlessness, being untouched by the normal ups and downs of everyday life, striving for the highest realization, radiance, etc.

Now choose one of these qualities that you would like to develop in yourself, in your life and for which the lotus particularly stands, such as z. B. Beauty, softness, purity, untouchedness, also a symbol of the highest realization - rooted in the earthly, fulfilling its tasks on this level of being, at the same time untouched by everything and striving upwards, towards the divine.

Now look at your lotus picture, with your eyes closed or half open. After 1 - 3 minutes close your eyes and think intensely about the quality that you associate with the lotus and that you want to develop. Everything is laid out in you as a bud and is waiting to unfold. Look again at the lotus picture, the open flower, as a symbol for the development in you.

Close your eyes again. Now let the chosen quality unfold in you with full concentration. Petal by petal opens - soft, beautiful, radiant, flawless - and let this property / quality in your life more and more work, unfold, make it shine, to bloom. Silence.

Purity in the Yoga Sutra

The yoga master Patanjali counts Shaucha, purity, to the 5 Niyamas, to the recommendations of the personal lifestyle. Here is a talk on verses 40-41 of the second chapter of the Yoga Sutra:


- Section from the book: Yoga of the Three Energies by James Swartz -

Purity means giving everyone access to your thoughts because you have nothing to hide. You do not get embarrassed because of the not always noble content of your thoughts. People who try to protect their thoughts are insecure and have negative thoughts about others.

Development of purity

Purity can be seen as a virtue, a positive quality. Maybe you want to let purity grow stronger in you. Here are a few tips:

  • Make a resolution to cultivate this quality of purity for a week. You cannot develop several virtues at once. But it is possible to grow a virtue, a quality, every week.
  • Make up your mind, "During the next week, I want to let the virtue, quality of cultivating purity grow, grow stronger. I look forward to being a purer person in a week.
  • Make a goal of doing at least one action each day that expresses purity. Do something every day that you would not otherwise do but that expresses that virtue.
  • When you wake up in the morning, say an affirmation such as, "I am developing purity". You can find more options for affirmations below.
  • During the day, repeat such an affirmation over and over again:
  • I am pure.

Affirmations on the subject of purity

There are different ways of affirmations for more purity. You can find out more about this under the heading "Affirmation" and "Miracle Affirmations".

Classic autosuggestion for purity

Here is the classic autosuggestion:

In yoga, this is often combined with a mantra. Because a mantra makes the affirmation stronger:

  • I am pure. Om Om Om.
  • I am a pure one, a pure one.

Developmental affirmation for purity

Some people feel like hypocrites or hypocrites when they say "I am pure" - and they are not at all. Then a development-related affirmation helps:

  • I am developing purity.
  • I get in.
  • I'm getting purer every day.
  • By the grace of God, I develop more purity every day.

Thank you affirmation for purity

  • I thank you for getting purer every day.

Miracle affirmations purity

You can also try the following affirmations, which Sukadev Volker Bretz calls miracle affirmations:

  • So far I'm not very pure. And that is quite understandable, I have good reasons for it. But soon I will develop purity. Every day this virtue will grow stronger in me.
  • I look forward to being very pure soon.
  • I am someone who is pure.

Prayer for purity

Prayer is also a powerful means of cultivating a virtue. Here are a few ways to pray for more purity:

  • Dear God, please give me more purity.
  • Oh god i adore you I ask that I become a pure person.
  • Dear Divine Mother, I thank you. I thank you for expressing the virtue of purity more and more every day.

What would I have to do to develop purity?

You can also ask yourself:

  • What would I have to do to develop purity?
  • How could I get clean
  • Dear God, please show me the way to more purity.
  • Assuming I want to be pure, how would I do that?
  • Assuming I was pure, how would that make itself felt?
  • Assuming a miracle happened and I cultivated purity tomorrow, what would have changed? How would i feel How would i think How would i act As a pure person, how would I react, communicate with others?

Properties similar to purity

Properties similar to purity, i.e. synonyms for purity are e.g. cleanliness, honesty, honesty, virginity, naturalness.

Balancing properties

Any quality, any virtue that is exaggerated becomes a vice, a vice, an unhelpful quality. Exaggerating purity can degenerate into obsession, obsession with cleanliness and obsession. Therefore, purity as the opposite pole needs the cultivation of sophistication, politeness, and cunning.

Opposite of purity

There is an opposite to every property. Here are options for opposite of purity, antonym to purity:

Purity in the context of virtue groups, personality factors and temperaments

Lecture recording on purity

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