Are pilots paid more than doctors?

Career choice: pilot vs. doctor vs. lawyer

Career choice: pilot vs. doctor vs. lawyer

Hi Guys,

I'm facing the biggest decision of my life and I have no idea how to make the right one. My friends have already "advised" me, but I noticed that they picked the best option without responding to my needs.

So the following: I came to Germany from Russia 7 years ago. Everything was new to me, but especially the language. At first dragged through various "camps", we ended up in Dresden. All Russian-Germans were deported to a middle school there. But my mom was against it and so I went to high school with a German vocabulary of around 20 words. It was difficult for me at first, but I got through and got better month by month. At the end of eighth grade I had an average of 1.2 and that at one of the best high schools in Dresden. Then we moved to Frankfurt and my performance at school got worse because I skipped a class, met "wrong" people, I got older. I passed my high school graduation at 2.2 and it was a disaster. In maths, for example, instead of giving a presentation on computed tomography, which was really necessary, I made a presentation on magnetic resonance imaging. That pushed my cut down quite a bit.
In October 2006 some of the boys and I went to have a drink. We bet for a pizza that I would never pass the recruitment tests at Lufthansa. I bet against it and applied for the tests through the LH-HP. I never wanted to be a pilot, but since Lufthansa paid for everything and I never saw Hamburg, I drove to the BU. Only three days later I was invited to the FQ and passed it too. The medical was fine too. Well, a new option was open to me.
But since I was 5, I want to be a doctor. Every year my desire has manifested itself and has grown bigger and bigger. I did my community service at the Offenbach Clinic from August 2007 to March 2008 and I have to say that it was the best time of my life. Above all, it was the educational time. I saw new life and I saw death. I was present at a birth and was even allowed to hold the clamp in the case of a twin birth, I accompanied people into death. I was the darling on the ward. I got up at 4:30 am every morning and drove to work. I worked 7 night shifts every month (from 9:15 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.). I didn't want to leave the hospital at all. On the last day I went out and started crying.
I want to become a doctor, I want to help people, I want to save lives! It's not about the money or the reputation, it's about becoming a good doctor, a human doctor with time for patients. To change something, just a small thing, in the health system, even if I know that it is almost impossible. But to try, to have a hope, a goal, that's what I want with all my heart. Well, unfortunately the good old ZVS disagrees. They suggest a waiting period of 8 semesters (4 years!). While in the first semester 20% jump off and the places are not occupied, while after the 6th semester 50% places become free. I don't understand why you can't take recruitment tests with personal interviews.
So I registered for the summer semester 2008 for law as a trial semester (wanted to go into the field of Russian economics) and it doesn't suit me at all. But there is relatively good money to be made with a good exam. But fun for money? Not really for me. Since I'm already 21, waiting for my biggest dream would drive me crazy. I don't know what to do ?! : frown:
The following speaks for and against the three professions:
+ short training (2 years)
+ relatively high starting salary (around € 55,000 per year at the age of 24)
+ relatively safe job
+ reasonably fun
+ viewed
+ relatively high opportunities for advancement
+ early retirement
(+ pretty stewardess )
- on the go up to 6 days a week
- Tied to Lufthansa for the first few years to pay off the training (part of it)
- you hardly see anything of the countries (cliché)
- annual medical tests -> if you fail, office job

+ Fun, joy
+ Save lives
+ Contact with patients
+ Attempt a "revolution"
+ Fulfillment of my dream
+ Job fulfills my life
All negative points do not deter me from it !!!!
- very badly paid
- sometimes impossible shift times
- competition

+ high salary for two predicate exams (from € 100,000 annually)
- no fun
- Legal language and legal thinking: frown:
- Laws, laws, laws ...
- Suits: frown:
- very high competition

I'm ready to wait for medicine, but I'm already 21 and if I really have to wait that long, then I wouldn't be finished until 31: frown: I go, however, from a maximum of 2 years waiting time, then I would be finished at 29, 30.

What do you think I should wait? After all, it is my greatest dream and, above all, wish ...

Thank you for reading ...