Does private health insurance cover mental health?

Pre-existing illnesses & private health insurance?

The younger and healthier you are when you choose private health insurance, the cheaper your contribution. In the case of previous illnesses, an insurer must carefully weigh up whether a contract can be concluded and whether a risk surcharge makes sense.

That is why private health insurers pay attention to previous illnesses

Changing health insurance is not as easy as changing the electricity provider. On the contrary. The step into private health insurance is just as long-term for you as it is for the insurer.

  • Your expectation: high-quality benefits through to retirement age with affordable contributions.
  • Our claim: the best possible coverage for your health and the lowest possible risk for the group of insured persons.

Health issues related to pre-existing conditions

To ensure that everything works out, we ask you 11 health questions in the application process, which, among other things, target previous illnesses within the last few years. Every private health insurance company is obliged to inquire about the health status of an applicant in this way.

To fill out your application in full, it can help refresh your memory. Your doctor can provide information about treatments that are relevant to your health issues.

Why is it necessary? Similar to statutory health insurance, all insured persons pay into one large pot in private health insurance, which covers the costs for sick insured persons.

Health issues at ottonova

All 11 questions and background information about the health check

What happens if I have a previous illness?

There is a cost risk for people with previous illnesses that insurance companies have to calculate precisely. You should be completely open in your application, otherwise you risk losing your private health insurance later.

There are the following options for previous illnesses:

  • The PKV charges a risk surcharge for minor pre-existing illnesses. This increases your contribution to offset the higher cost risk.
  • It is also possible to exclude benefits, but this can lead to a high financial burden for you.
  • Particularly severe cases of previous illnesses can lead to the PKV rejecting an application.

Who has to state their previous illnesses?

Everyone who wants to get into private health insurance has to answer the health questions. This applies to students as well as employees, the self-employed and civil servants. For civil servants, however, there is an obligation to contract. If you have a previous illness that cannot be insured, you can still take out private health insurance with a maximum risk surcharge of 30 percent.

Light and severe pre-existing conditions

If you got the coronavirus or the flu, or if you broke your leg on your last skiing holiday, nothing stands in the way of your way to private health insurance - as long as no consequential damage is to be expected.

Patients with severe pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, asthma, cancer or epilepsy usually find it more difficult to be accepted into private health insurance. Mental illness in the past three to five years can also lead to a rejection.

That happens in case of rejection

A rejection with a private health insurance does not mean that no private health insurance will accept you. So if it doesn't work out with the private health insurance of your choice, you can submit applications to other private insurers without any problems.
At ottonova, you can complete your application completely digitally and find out about health issues in advance. Get a non-binding contribution offer now.