How do you pamper your children

Raising children: when to pamper your child

Do you know that when you brought up your children: the third ice cream or the fourth Barbie doll, just so that the child is not disappointed and does not have to endure the frustration of no? A child can become too spoiled, though it gets it all, instantly. This is detrimental because it only attracts minor dictators. But if pampering means giving the child all the love in bringing up children, taking the time to support them, building them up and recognizing them, then this represents a secure basis for later life from which the child can draw. Loving ones Parents can never give too much attention when bringing up their children!

Pampering when raising children has many faces

When it comes to pampering, most people think of excessive cash and gifts for the child. But there is more to pampering: It starts where not only the needs of the child are satisfied, but the child's every wish is fulfilled and every behavior is accepted. These include B. Indulgence for gifts, sweets, cash donations, Wish fulfillment always right away or even in advance, inconsistency, for example constant exceptions to rules that "actually" should apply, constant pampering or "wrapping up in cotton wool" for the slightest discomfort, even constant unnecessary help in the case of actions that the child could carry out on their own or could already learn, Exemption from age-related obligations, Tasks or work in the household, but also Resolve conflicts for the childinstead of trusting him to be proactive. This kind of pampering may be well meant, but it harms your child!

Babies need to be pampered in the sense of immediate attention

A baby is totally dependent on its mother, who meets all of its needs. If the mother reacts reliably and quickly to his screaming, important connections arise in his brain: it feels safe, secure and it learns that it can make a difference through its screaming. So, breastfeed your baby as needed. Hold and wear it when it calls for it. In the first six months of life, it cannot have too much physical contact. On the contrary: the closer it is now, the less it will demand later. Children with secure attachments later behave more confidently.

Pampering in raising children usually begins in toddler age

As a parent, you should be yours Act always the development Customize your child. And that means to expect something from him, for example to occupy himself on the playmat for a while or to wait a short time until the next meal if you are hungry. The road to independence for your child is long and consists of many small steps. Therefore, observe it carefully in order to align your upbringing and your actions with its level of development. You should be your child do not lose anything that it can already do by itself.

My advice:
 Occasional pampering in parenting is something very beautiful and makes your child strong because they feel loved and secure. You don't need to feel guilty if you challenge your child in any other age-appropriate way. Pampering is just not allowed with the ulterior motive of “buying” peace and quiet.
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