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Application: "PC knowledge" formulation

Updated on June 18, 2020 by Ömer Bekar

Every application Bible teaches:

Computer skills are indispensable in a résumé. This is largely correct if two large unknowns did not appear at the same time. 1.) What are IT skills?2.) According to which criteria can these be assessed? This article is intended to answer these questions and provide possible formulation examples.

The first question to be answered is what is actually understood by a personnel officer by PC knowledge. If nothing specific is specified in the job advertisement or if the program is not job-specific, knowledge of MS Office is usually required. If you want to list your skills in more detail, you can include IT skills in your résumé and list the respective programs under the following headings.

  • Word processing: e.g. MS Word
  • Presentation programs: e.g. MS Power Point
  • Spreadsheet: e.g. MS Excel
  • Image processing: e.g. Adobe Photoshop
  • E-mail programs: e.g. Lotus Notes
  • Programming languages: e.g. Java
  • Operating system: e.g. Windows
  • Graphics programs: e.g. Adobe InDesign

It is particularly good if it is followed by an explanation of how the respective knowledge is to be assessed. This is easiest if you use school grades as a guide and use “very good”, “good” or “satisfactory” as a criterion. Alternatively, you can also write “basic knowledge” instead of “satisfactory” or label your knowledge with “basic knowledge”, “expert knowledge” and “outstanding knowledge”. On the other hand, there is no general rule (such as for language skills) for PC skills. It is important that the HR officer can clearly understand how well you have mastered which PC program.

Certificates work!

Regardless of whether you include your PC skills on your résumé or whether you are important enough for the position to be mentioned in the cover letter - certificates always work. So if you took a computer course that was not years ago, you can attach this certificate to your application. But be careful: You should no longer enclose certificates that are more than three years old. Then the content of the PC world is mostly old hat.

Formulate PC skills in the application letter

Computer skills should always be listed in the résumé - not least because these are qualifications that could tip the scales when it comes to deciding which applicant is invited to the interview or which applicant Position can ultimately get hold of.

However, PC skills may only be included in the application letter if it is about knowledge of very special programs and you cannot put the level of knowledge in a tabular list such as your résumé, but have to describe in words what skills you have. But be careful: PC skills should only be put into words in the application letter if this is also explicitly required in the job advertisement.

That means: If PC skills are so important to the personnel officer that they are more than just a marginal note in the job advertisement, then they can also be more than just a mention in the tabular curriculum vitae in the application folder. You are particularly service-oriented if you let the personnel officer know how you usually deal with the program so that he can get an idea of ​​your knowledge.