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The dark tower on RTL: One of the largest fantasy series was driven against the wall

This is not an exaggeration: If someone with courage and passion had actually dared to film The Dark Tower, a film universe the size of the MCU might now grow. Instead, we have this one 90 minute movie that runs today at 8:15 p.m. on RTL.

What went wrong?

Today on RTL: Why the dark tower flopped

At a production cost of $ 60 million, the fantasy film only grossed $ 111 million, Variety reported. With the addition of the marketing budget (rule of thumb: approximately the scope of the production costs), the blockbuster was only barely in the black, if at all.

The makers even defused the material of the template in order to appeal to a broader target group. In retrospect, producer Ron Howard sees this as one of the biggest mistakes: "It should have been horror"Collider quotes him. The author of the template also criticizes Indie Wire's low age rating.

The Dark Tower - Trailer (German) HD

A Continuation of The Dark Tower was therefore hardly up for debate. Because in the end no one was satisfied with the result: The studio wasn't and the readers of the books weren't. Critics and audience gave mixed ratings - a lousy one 5.2 is at Moviepilot.

Fantasy horror on RTL: The potential of The Dark Tower was mercilessly burned

This is particularly annoying given the gigantic fantasy world behind the film. That includes 8 great novels and 200 short stories Dark Tower Universe by Stephen King. In the eyes of many fans, the Dark Tower series is the great masterpiece of the ES and Carrie author.

However, Nikolaj Arcel's film never dares to approach the complex world of The Dark Tower. He breaks away from the ambitious concept of the books and instead follows an extremely simplified version of the story. You can see that positively, as we have written here.

People who haven't read the books rate the film much better. But most of them Book fans don’t give a damn about this unsuccessful attemptto master Stephen King's work.

Today on RTL: What book readers * criticize about The Dark Tower

A book adaptation does not have to stick slavishly to its original. On the contrary, the adaptations usually benefit from a more flexible interpretation. With fantasy fabrics in particular, however, a certain degree of accuracy has proven to be a recipe for success.

The most popular fantasy series Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings only had to endure selective adjustments. In the opinion of the fans, the dark tower was almost completely cooked together.

In the comments on Moviepilot, MercyfulFate writes:

It was clear to me from the outset that this could not be anything really sensible. The material is simply too extensive for that and the story too epic, gigantic. At most suitable for series production.

So it is only a minor copy of King's literary model. Practically 90% of all characters and events in the books do not take place here.

The comparison with Lord of the Rings is more frequent and quite obvious. Alexabycinema87 says: "How one can presume to deal with the epic literature, which even puts Lord of the Rings in the shade in terms of its size, in just under 90, is quite remarkable."

Total fan confusion! What is the Dark Tower all about?

User Christian Ade points out in a sarcastic comment that the film changes the original beyond recognition.

One has to congratulate the scriptwriters and the director on one point. I think it was a real challenge to develop a film from a 7-part book series with a really lot of content by using it there isn't a single scene that matches one of the books or is similar. My respect for that.

If you want to understand the problem of book readers with The Dark Tower, you should read this comment from Cpt.Tremors. He describes the film's failures based on the more faithful Harry Potter adaptations.

The dark tower is too big for a movie: Amazon was planning a series

So we can summarize: The dark tower doesn't fit into a single film. Why didn't the makers try a series from the start? Indeed planned Amazon Long an adaptation that was originally supposed to be associated with the film, revealed the showrunner Collider.

When it became clear that the film series would not continue, the series should start all over again. The But Pilot fell through Amazon's quality assurance.

This awesome seal is often given until someone can. But maybe it's true with The Dark Tower: The material simply cannot be filmed.

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Did you like The Dark Tower or were you disappointed?