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Become a Google Local Guide - the ultimate guide

What is the Google Local Guide Program?

Google Maps continuously needs information about restaurants, attractions, places and companies. This information can include ratings of the service as well as information on opening times, parking spaces and peak times and is not necessarily provided directly by the responsible entrepreneur or organizer, but published by Google users from all over the world. Google uses its users as free helpers to fill up and update its database.

They write reviews, share photos, check facts and add or edit information about places if they are incorrect or out of date. Of course, this commitment does not leave Google unrewarded - the Google Local Guide Program offers users who love to share their experiences with others the opportunity to become a Google Local Guide and, depending on their Local Guide level, to earn attractive rewards. The Local Guides are a global community of explorers who are primarily responsible for the information that other users search for on Google or in the Google Maps app every day.

Do you love a certain dish in a restaurant and want to tell other people about it? Have you discovered a secret place from where you have the best view of the sunset at the Colosseum in Rome? If you see yourself as a talented tour guide and love to share your insider tips, then the Local Guide program is just right for you!