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MGTOW: Go your own way

If you havin 'girl problems I feel bad for you son / I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one ”, sings Jay-Z in his famous rap. In German: "If you have problems with girls, son, I'm sorry for you / I have 99 problems, but a slut definitely won't be".

Anyone who approaches MGTOW (pronounced: migtau) has to tolerate two things: acronyms and vulgarisms. The former are practical, the latter forgivable, because it is about the marking of spaces for male speaking - anyone who has been among men for a long time knows how rough it is verbally, without this way of speaking being less humane than what our time is Calls it "civilized".

MGTOW means "men going their own way", men go their own way. This is not to be understood as a political program that is accessible to party political processes. Rather, MGTOW results from what, according to Hegel, is the most powerful social place: the bottom, where bourgeois life is concrete.

MGTOW first appeared in the men's rights movement (MRA) around 2013 as a result of the “red pill philosophy” (RPP). This was an attempt to systematize the general behavior of women, the dynamics of relationships and the logic of social institutions. RPP deliberately made no reference to theoreticians of the feminine - such as Schopenhauer or Weininger - but appeared as the result of specific individual cases and the real reactions of men to them. Many men followed and already spontaneously follow the principles of the RPP before they understand the systematic basis of their actions through MGTOW. This is why MGTOW is growing at breathtaking speed: Although today's largest MGTOW channels were only accessible in 2015, the group in the United States can currently be estimated at up to 400,000 active people, in Japan the group of "herbivores" already has millions.

MGTOW is a communication tunnel network of corresponding tubes, which is mainly represented in the new media. MGTOW has no “place”, there are no gatherings or magazines. The isolated men in their social reality come together in social networks and - contrary to the myth of their lack of communication skills - discuss their situation and attitude in life so intensely and effectively that a general attitude is established that removes the isolation of the individual without any he would have to join a collective. There is hardly any literature, not even blogs that produce text: More than 90 percent of communication is purely verbal. MGTOW withdraws that directly from marketing and academization - both fields are understood as areas of the feminine from which one turns away.

The men working in MGTOW are consequently no longer interested in the opinions or contributions of women. Women are not excluded in MGTOW - they are only robbed of their central social creative power: The MGTOW men do not want anything from them. No recognition, no attention, no help, no marriage, no partnership - no sex. MGTOW men - unlike the MRAs or the Alt-Right - do not want to change the behavior of women. They just turn away from them.

MGTOW's stance can be explained using the example of medicine: Currently, more than 60 percent of the positions for doctors under 35 in Germany are filled by women. It is obvious that this will soon be 70 percent and more. MRAs now proceed in such a way that they establish an imbalance, an overrepresentation of women in medicine. They then demand that the specifically female characteristics in medicine have to be complemented equally by the specifically male characteristics so that the best possible care can be achieved. MGTOW, on the other hand, assumes that men deliberately avoid medicine because it has changed their character: From the advancement science of the 19th and 20th centuries, it has become a largely developed marginal utility science that only marginally improves its performance with ever greater effort, the singular individual achievement, which is the ideal of men to act, has been supplanted by the excellent mediocrity in which women shine and which is toxic for men.

MGTOW doesn't see men as superior. On the contrary, especially in the social "games" of the sexes, MGTOW men repeatedly analyze that they are drastically inferior to women in many respects. MGTOW doesn't want to prevent women from playing to their strengths. Rather, men want to act in the same way, i.e. concentrate on their own interests and strengths. Women should not be "different" than they are; but they should bear the consequences of their actions themselves and not pass them directly or indirectly on to men.

The basic assumption, which determines the culture of the West, that men have to protect and care for women due to their relative weakness, has been canceled from MGTOW's point of view. The myth is still alive, the reality is different. Women have conquered the main social institutions, the welfare state is radically one-sidedly tailored to the interests of women, the process is irreversible, men can only turn away.

MGTOW men are divided into four groups: The so-called "purples" deal with the educational part of the RPP, learn to understand their own behavior and that of women and are therefore increasingly unable to take part in "normal" social events. The “pump and dump” group has short-term, mostly purely sexual relationships with women, they use pornography and prostitution. The “full monk” group gradually has no more sexual relations and altogether avoids dealing with women. The “off grid” group is the most mysterious: it largely withdraws from all social relationships.

The “full monk” group is surprisingly the one that is growing the fastest. After #metoo and the case of US comedian Aziz Ansari, who is accused of sexual harassment, it is becoming increasingly clear that the instant sex culture no longer works. In this group lies the point of contact with the Catholic faith: chastity is not evil here, but is understood as a discipline that enables freedom.

Catholics, together with Lutherans, constitute one of the most active subsystems in the MGTOW cosmos. On the one hand, they differ fundamentally from the utilitarian MGTOW mainstream because they do not question the concept of chivalry, but deliberately oppose the Walt Disney version of it, the "white knighting", and on the contrary want to revive it; on the other hand, they are much more consistent in their attitude to life, because they can refer to a long tradition of inner-worldly male asceticism. For Catholics, the red pill rage, the necessary phase of substantial anger that young men in particular go through when they realize that they are unlikely to have any further sexual relations with women in their lifetime, is very much shorter: You enter another room in the cathedral of your faith, the meaning of which had previously been obscured by the circle of chairs in front of the door and “women's revolt” leaflets. For Catholic MGTOW men, “going full monk” is part of the conscious development of their faith.

Why should Catholic men want to renounce the high ideal of family and marriage? Aren't Catholic women "different"?

From MGTOW's point of view, the following applies: AWALT, “all women are like that”, all women are like that. The fact that the shark wears a mantilla does not protect the seal from it. Too many Catholic women drive right around the hymnbook while using the left to update their Facebook, Instagram or Tinder profiles.

For decades, Catholic men have been driven out of the simplest social control mechanisms: the virtue of a Catholic woman is taken for granted, questioning leads to the same mechanisms of punishment as in the non-church bonobo culture: "slut-shaming", i.e. making women liable for the practice of it The power of the wise choice of her husband, which establishes culture, is rejected as misogynist and “out of date”. Virginity is laughed at. If there is even a hint that an unmarried mother may not be particularly good at speaking on questions of faith per se, the talk immediately comes of the stone that is not allowed to be thrown. Why should a Catholic man marry in such an atmosphere that, from a purely statistical point of view, it is just as likely to fail as it is with the Gentiles? Women who want to take part in the forms of transport in the modern world should also share its decline - MGTOW has little sympathy for reactionary theories of the return of traditional conditions: everything used to be a necessity, but we suffer from the consequences of freedom, which will become they must not disappear, they must be abolished and overcome in the new of the covenant. The suffering of women who have also discovered this for themselves is seen and respected; but there can be no going back into the yoke of sentimentality.

Sometimes you have to destroy the idyllic village to save it. It is foreseeable that MGTOW will fundamentally change the self-image of many Catholic men. Shall we fear that? In the rap song “99 Problems” quoted at the beginning, Jay-Z says: “We'll see how smart you are when the canine comes.” We'll see how smart you are when the sniffer dog comes.

The author is a freelance journalist and former publisher. He was baptized a Catholic in 2017.
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