Why did Donald Trump honor Prince Charles


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Unexpected kisses, slip of the tongue, hugs: a lot can go wrong when the Queen and the US President meet. An overview:

The British Queen Elizabeth II has seen many US presidents come and go in her long reign. But hardly any of the encounters are likely to be as difficult as the one with Donald Trump on Friday. Will it embarrass the Queen, as feared by more than 180,000 people who signed a petition against a state visit by the US President?

Harry S. Truman met the Queen in Washington in 1951. She was then Princess Elizabeth. A few months later, her father, George VI, died. - Elizabeth became queen. Truman remained in office until 1953.

She had a special friendship with Dwight D. Eisenhower. She met him in 1957 in the USA on her first state visit as a British monarch. Later she even invited him to the royal yacht Britannia and to her summer residence at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie dined with the Queen and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace in June 1961. Philip, later notorious for his dry sense of humor, is said to have been "nice but nervous" according to a biographer of Jackie Kennedy. The evening was "very pleasant", noted the then British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan according to "Vanity Fair".

Nixon with special purpose

Lyndon B. Johnson is the only US President the Queen did not meet during her reign.

Richard Nixon, on the other hand, paid a visit in 1969 and 1970. He reportedly tried doggedly to pair his daughter Tricia with Prince Charles.

Gerald Ford met the Queen in 1976 in the United States during the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence. Despite his general clumsiness, he is said to have inspired the Queen with his dancing skills at a ball.

Jimmy Carter came to London in 1977. He caused a real scandal when he kissed Elizabeth II's mother, Queen Mum, on the mouth as a greeting. The tried in vain to evade and is said to have later outraged: "Nobody has done that since my husband died."

Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy were guests at Windsor Castle in 1982. The Queen also had a special rapport with Reagan. Mostly because Reagan shared her love for horses, it is said. Reagan visited the Queen three times. The two met once while the Queen was visiting the West Coast of the United States. He was later even knighted.

Only the hat is visible

George Bush Sr. was invited to a lunch at Buckingham Palace in 1989. The two met a second time in Washington in 1991. When the Queen spoke of a podium that had been set up for the three-foot-tall Bush, only her hat protruded from behind the desk. Bush also took the Queen to a baseball game.

Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary met the Queen several times, including in 2000 at Buckingham Palace. The Clintons were also invited to the royal yacht Britannia.

George W. Bush first came to London in 2001. Two years later he was the first US president to receive a pompous state reception with a carriage ride on London's boulevard "The Mall". The two got together two more times. During the Queen's visit to Washington in 2007, he thanked Elizabeth II for having been there as early as 1776 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. "She gave me a look like a mother would give her child," Bush said of the slip of the tongue.

Barack Obama was also honored with a state reception. First Lady Michelle even seduced the Queen to break the protocol: she put her arm around her shoulder and Elizabeth even returned the gesture. The Obamas returned for a visit shortly after the Queen's 90th birthday in 2016.

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