How can we feel how others feel

We feel our thinking

We only ever feel our thinking

It always looks like we feel our situation, the people around us, what they are, what they say, our circumstances, our bank balance, the work, the breakdown of the car, the latest news - all kinds of things outside. If we look closely, we find that we can never have a direct experience of any of these things. It is impossible! This statement can be confusing. For example, we have assumed throughout our life that we feel our environment, that it causes us stress and that things outside have to change so that we can feel differently accordingly. But this is a misunderstanding.

Let's say someone dies. It's a fact. It cannot be changed. Nevertheless, after a few years we feel differently than when we received the sad news. How can that be if we only felt this one situation and nothing else? Our feelings about the same unchangeable situation would never change. But they change. And not just once. Over the years we go through all sorts of feelings about the same fact. So there must be something else at work that we don't easily perceive.

The three principles perfectly explain what is happening. Without the interaction of SPIRIT, THOUGHT and CONSCIOUSNESS, we would have absolutely none Feelings. We wouldn't even be aware of that person's death. While this fact of death would appear real in the perception of others, it would for us but don't even exist. So how does it come that we do perceive it, because that's what we do? We think.

For example, a thought could be: “How am I supposed to go on living on my own now?”. Another: “I am so grateful that I had this person in my life”. The feeling changes with every thought. There are infinitely many variations. Whatever we think, we experience through our consciousness as our reality. So it seems we are feeling the situation. In reality, however, we only ever feel our thinking.

That may sound completely new. This principle really Understanding changes everything in life. We are then no longer at the mercy of our circumstances. In every moment we only experience what our own thinking gives us about the situation just offering. Suddenly we are free. Our past no longer has a grip on us. Thoughts change. Thus can all things appear different in the next moment. At each level of consciousness we have different thinking (see self-correcting mechanism). We no longer have to wait for something outside to change. To do this, we have the potential of a clear mind when our thinking clears. And that always feels better.