What is for breakfast 2

Healthy breakfast - healthy snacks +++ updated +++

Breakfast as the first meal of the day has a major impact on performance. When children go to school without breakfast, they often have a noticeable lack of energy: they react irritably, are nervous and lack concentration. A healthy snack can raise the performance curve again.



Professional competence
The students

  • deal with the components of a healthy breakfast
  • get to know many types of fruit and vegetables
  • find out which foods are good for them
  • can put together a full breakfast

Social skills
The students

  • prepare a healthy breakfast buffet together
  • get to know the table rules
  • take time and rest for the meal

Didactic-methodological comment

The teaching materials are suitable as part of health education for specialist teaching in third and fourth grades. They also offer background information on food groups, working materials for the pupils and suggestions for parenting information.

This lesson was adapted for independent learning at home or in class with a tablet. You can find the modules at padlet.com/dguv_lug/fruehstueck.

The complete didactic-methodological commentary for download:

Background information for the teacher

  • Kiggs Study on Children's Health
  • aid food pyramid
  • Advertising for "children's products"
  • Breakfast and lunch

The complete background information for download:

Teaching materials

Additional material

Media collection

  • Ready for breakfast, go ahead
    Initiative for the first breakfast and lunch with complete teaching modules to download as well as a recipe collection for delicious snacks
  • 10 rules of the DGE
    Eat and drink wholesome food according to the 10 rules of the German Nutrition Society.
  • Tips for teachers: healthy breakfast
    A lot of additional information on the subject of breakfast at school from the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • Teaching material - With breakfast and snacks
    A wide range of teaching materials from Einfach-Clever-Essen - Teaching and learning about nutrition
  • breakfast
    Exercise sheet for a healthy breakfast for elementary school at www.grundschule-arbeitsblaetter.de
  • Because of old-fashioned! The lunch break under the microscope
    The lunch check from the Federal Center for Nutrition
  • Full power for full grain
    Contribution to healthy eating at Cornelsen's school
  • Healthy breakfast? - Of course!
    Example of an annual project day for healthy breakfasts in primary schools