When should I hire a housekeeper?

6 tasks that a domestic help should not do

Determining the job profile of your domestic help is not always easy. First of all, in the first step you should make it clear which tasks are usually taken over by a cleaning aid. The basic tasks include: vacuuming, dusting, mopping the floor, surface cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you hire a domestic help, you should explain to her at an early stage - preferably during the interview - what you expect from her. To help you, we have put together a list of six activities that a domestic help does not have to do, except for an extra fee.

1. Tidying up before cleaning

If you employ a cleaning helper within a certain time frame, use the time wisely. Before doing this, pick up any clothes that have been lying around and put the used dishes aside. In this way, the domestic help can concentrate on cleaning your apartment and does not have to remove all the things that prevent them from doing so.

2. Do personal errands

Have you ever asked your housekeeper to do your grocery shopping, take care of your baby or dog, or pick up your children from school? These things are not part of the job of a domestic help. But if you want to hire such an all-rounder, then clearly state in your job advertisement that you are looking for and paying someone with additional qualifications.

3. Lift heavy things

Carrying moving boxes or moving heavy furniture are definitely no-gos. After all, you don't want your housekeeper to get hurt. Such work should be done by professional removal workers.

4. Climbing

Whether on the work surface or balancing on a chair, your domestic help shouldn't have to be a climber to get the job done. Here, too, the risk is too great that she could injure herself in a fall. Make sure that such work (e.g. cleaning windows) is either carried out by qualified personnel or that your domestic help is sufficiently safe while she is doing such activities.

5. Cooking

In no case should you expect your housekeeper to cook meals for your family. If you are looking for someone to do this, consider hiring a full time housekeeper to take care of all of the household chores. Domestic helpers usually work for several families at the same time, so they usually do not have the time to swing the wooden spoon at your place.

6. Additional duties

Things like cleaning the refrigerator or windows, cleaning the oven or doing the laundry are not part of the repertoire of most cleaning aids. Be prepared to pay extra for these tasks. Find out here which additional tasks can be performed by domestic help.

Of course, you can suggest to your domestic help at any time if necessary to take on more responsibility and tasks. Of course, this will also play a role in negotiating the hourly wage.

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