May white men, Persian women

Flirting is a complicated game in Iran

In a subsequent discussion in a park with a few young Iranians, the men also have their say. Iranians are too superficial and greedy for money, they say. Less and less would have the financial means to have a steadfast girlfriend, let alone a wife. Especially a Persian one. Many Iranian women do not work despite their education and stay at home while the man takes care of the whole family. Many no longer want to do that to themselves, the divorce rate in Iran is rising steadily. It's much easier to get one Palang meet up for a night and just have fun. Palang is Farsi for leopard. This means a heavily made-up woman with a small, operated nose and hair dyed platinum blonde. A particularly large number of them can be found in the major Iranian cities.

Of course, the dates and one-night stands don't always end well. After all, you are still in an Islamic Republic. If you get caught by the moral police, you can even end up in prison. "They also write down some license plates of cars that drive up and down the Vali Asr all the time. They have known for a long time that this has become a hotspot for the boys. They wrote me down once and then for a week my car paralyzed, "says Shirin. In Tehran, police officers stand on busy streets to see which cars come by particularly often. The driver's license is withdrawn from them and the car is put in a special parking garage for a week. If you are particularly unlucky, you can end up with an entry in the police files. Shirin did not learn much from this punishment. She lives on as before.