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Big in Love: 6 things that will make your relationship (even) better

Of course, everyone always has these super smart tips and advice that they ultimately do not stick to. Therefore, please do not take the following six tips as fixed rules, but simply as food for thought for yourself and your relationship. You will see: Those who take these tips (or a few of them) to heart can make their relationship deeper and more intimate. Because, unfortunately, that's exactly what gets lost in everyday stress.

1. Don't talk, talk

Actually, we talk to each other all day long. But pay attention to what these conversations are about: stress at work, pragmatic things like shopping or the car, problems with the children and so on. When you ask your partner how he's doing, he'll usually tell you about some to-do lists or other stressful everyday things, but who really gets an answer about how things are deep inside them?

Chatting and texting because we were in trouble - that's what we do. But we mostly only speak superficially. An honest, in-depth conversation is also a rarity in good relationships. And we should change that as much as possible. Otherwise we don't really take part in each other's life. We may share his everyday stress - but we do not have a look inside him.

2. Do not be blinded

With other people we are easily dazzled by their demeanor. We quickly think that our friend X is always doing great and she has a really great life and friend Y is a lucky child on this planet anyway. But of course it's all just a nice appearance and if we look behind the facade, we quickly notice that ultimately everyone has their problems with them.

The fact that we do not constantly question everything with our friends may still be acceptable, but we should take a closer look at our own partner and be able to interpret his many little behaviors. If he goes into a bad mood and does not answer, if he is grumpy and unfair to us, then we should not go straight to the ceiling, but see what is behind it. Anyone who is totally wrong has a reason for it. We should be able to see the motives of the one we love.

3. Stop complaining

We spend far too much time every day getting angry and ranting about it - about the train, the traffic jam, the stress at work or the unfair friends. We should just think about how much space we give to all these annoying things in our lives and how nonsensical it actually is. Why don't we deal a lot more with all the beautiful moments? So if we started paying less attention to the annoying and more to the great moments in our life, then we would be much happier - and as a happy couple, we would be unbeatable.

4. Don't take the relationship for granted

Nobody should constantly live in fear that they will not be able to hold their partner, that they will soon be single again and have to go through life alone. But one shouldn't take one's happiness in love for granted either. That the other is there, by your side, that he loves you - you should feel that every day as great happiness. Because he is with you voluntarily. Keep this in mind and value your partner.

5. Touch improves the relationship

Another good piece of advice that is even fun: touch yourselves, love each other. We often walk past each other in everyday life without touching or looking at each other. But it is best that we have someone with us whom we can touch and shower with love. Therefore build love into your everyday life. With kisses and hugs, with small touches and great nights.

6. Accept the bad days too

Life is not a pony farm and difficult phases are always waiting for you and your partner. See these crises as an opportunity to grow from them. Instead of capitulating and questioning the whole relationship, you should face the problems and work on them together. Communication and respect are the be-all and end-all. Talk to each other and make it clear to yourself, even in difficult times, that you don't have to go through it alone, because you have each other. And remember: As a couple, you emerge stronger from the bad times. Those who survive them together show that they are a great team!

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