Is it the worst to be the youngest child?

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Don't believe everything other people say - you can't learn that early enough. Because not even teachers can be trusted.

Does the teacher move abroad?

"Mom, you don't believe what Ms. Maier said today!" Reports the son with a sensational tremolo in his voice.
"Oh yes? What? ”I ask and consider what might follow: Perhaps Ms. Maier has announced that she will change her job and emigrate abroad?
"Well, we were a bit loud with dictation today and Ms. Maier said we are the worst class in the school!"
My son amazes that I have to laugh now. He had apparently expected a different reaction.
"What's so funny about that?" He inquires with a frown.
"You won't believe it, I was also in the worst grade in school," I explain to him. “And that's what some teacher told us every year. I didn't think our class was bad at all. "

We're starting a little poll with amazing results

The little sister, who was listening quietly, can no longer contain herself. "We are also the worst class in the school, our Reli teacher said!" She adds excitedly.
"Do we want to bet that your big sister was already in the worst grade in school?" I suggest and knock on the big sister's door.
"Tell me, big guy, has a teacher ever said to you that you are the worst class in school?" I want to know. The younger siblings are standing next to me with big eyes and I can see how excited they are for the answer.
"One? Hahaha! ”Laughs the high school graduate. “It happens all the time, and I think it's more up to the teacher than the class,” she points out to the siblings. "Some just say that when they're annoyed."

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done

... and suddenly we understand the big picture

"Like I said to Leon earlier that I'm no longer his girlfriend when we had an argument?" Asks the youngest.
"Yes, maybe something like that," I confirm her assumption. "Or like when I say I'll never go to the swimming pool with you again if you don't get out of the water right now."
"Then every class in which such an annoyed teacher teaches is the worst class in the school," the son continues.
"Exactly," I grin. And I secretly think that the whole of Germany is probably full of the worst classes with children whose parents were already in the worst class of the school. Is it true or am I right?

Disclaimer: This conversation took place, but not exactly like that. I also changed subjects and names.

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