Are the Berbers mixed races

Berber Al Aatik

In my search for a young mare who should have as many characteristics as possible to lead a herd, I spoke to some breeders. First because of Bettina Schürer's wonderfully detailed description of her character, and later because of Thanaya's aloof and engaging appearance, I was convinced. It was to become: Thanaya Fal el Khair, taken over by the Berber stud Fal el Khair and added to our herd at the tender age of eight months.

The story of her arrival, written down for her breeder:

The move of the little princess

Like a big one, she stands there in the jarring trailer, completely unimpressed by the many unknown noises and movements. She looks around questioningly, undecided what to do.
Nibble a little hay, maybe lie down a little? Better not, this strange, swaying but pleasantly smelling cave seems too restless.
Three hours pass, then something happens; the cave opens, I climb inside to the little princess - my princess.
I am happy to have arrived happy, happy to have her here now, unsure how she will react to her new home, to getting out of the car. Radiate calm, serenity and sovereignty. That's how I learned it from all the horses that taught me.
But who is calming whom here? Who is really sovereign, is it me or is it Thanaya?
I am amazed at the inner size of this small creature, and I am full of admiration.
She puts hoof before hoof on the exit ramp, steps down, aware of her every step, yet sensitive to me, the heavy rope seems to lie in my hand like a delicate thread. Not a train, not a breath can be felt, so she follows the street through the gate and the inner courtyard into her new home. And yet, I can't shake the feeling that I'm not the one leading us both.
Now she stands there, separated, not yet allowed to join the others, her new, large family. I see it from the kitchen window, I have it in view most of the day: it is beautiful!
The first day - she seems aloof, composed, confident, proud. No abandoned horse child, no grieving little filly.
I am sure of my cause. Decades of horse experience, a knack for closed, rather difficult horse personalities. A foal that has just been separated from its mother in a foreign country - it will be easy for me.
She doesn't look at me, she just ignores me and still doesn't defend herself against anything, she is much smarter than I expected. I give everything, try to break the ice, try to ingratiate myself, caress, caress.
She stands there proudly, gazing into the distance. I admire them, I am fascinated and enthusiastic!
It's the second day we're going for a walk. An oversized tractor speeding by at a very thin distance, children driving bobby cars near the sound limit, thirty-five excited strange horses lined up on a long fence ... nothing can shake her.
And yet; Our distance has narrowed imperceptibly. A small, delicate horse's head at the level of my shoulder, a proud look, leaned against my arm. I turn around, she looks at me, there are two of us!
Without wanting to and without thinking about it, I was really there for the first time - calm, relaxed, confident. She felt it.
We are in the yard. I untie the rope, sure that she will follow me. We don't need a rope.
It's done, she neighs after me, the ice is broken.
But something was different than usual, not my horse mind, not my supposedly skillful demeanor convinced her. She was the teacher.
Now she's really moved, now she's here and already become a queen, inside her and in my heart.
Thank you for this wonderful horse!

Thanaya was adopted by Inka, the lead mare, and has been brought up by her since then and guided in the herd. In addition, with complete trust in me, her human being, she has grown into a beautiful, self-confident broodmare.
The decision to contribute to the preservation of this wonderful and rare breed was only a small step due to my enthusiasm and the good local conditions with us.