French women really don't get fat

“Why French Women Don't Get Fat” is the title of Mireille Guiliano's book, which describes a diet method that is often referred to as the French Women Diet.

This type of nutrition is not a real diet, because if you follow the little nutrition tips from the book, you should be able to lose weight easily without starvation, the yo-yo effect and forbidden foods.


Principle of the French women diet

Apparently the secret of French women is that they stick to old French diet tricks that are known in this country as well. As part of her diet, Guiliano recommends not to eat standing up, to celebrate every meal and rather to eat several small courses instead of large portions.

It is also important in the French women's diet that you cook yourself and use fresh, healthy food. However, there are no forbidden foods, as every food intake must be enjoyed. This is to prevent the yo-yo effect from occurring after the diet, because you get cravings for sweet and fatty foods.

Even alcohol is allowed, but like unhealthy foods, it should be consumed in very small quantities and not used as an intoxicant.

Another aspect that is important in the French Women Diet is diet versatility. Since you should cook fresh and wholesome as often as possible, it is important to use different foods and always cook different dishes so that every meal is a pleasure. That way you can lose weight more easily.

Only frequent weighing is prohibited in the French women's diet. Rather, you should develop a body awareness and notice yourself when you should restrain yourself a little more while eating.


Structure of the French women diet

Overall, Guiliano recommends adhering to four phases during the French Women Diet. As with all common diets, the first is quite strict, as the wrong eating behavior is to be uncovered and the body is to be introduced to a healthier diet. After a two-day leek soup fast, you should focus on meat, fish, vegetables and fruit and keep a food diary for three weeks.

In the subsequent second diet phase, which should last three months, the nutritional sins are uncovered and eliminated with the help of the food diary. Therefore, you should slowly reduce unhealthy foods that you previously ate too often and only indulge yourself in small amounts on weekends so that you can lose weight particularly successfully.

The third phase of the French women's diet is the stabilization phase, because as soon as the desired weight has been reached at least halfway, you can also eat slightly larger portions and incorporate the unhealthy foods more often. This should make it easier to lose weight and hold the weight longer.

Once you have finally achieved your desired weight, you should stick to the newly acquired honorary eating habits and the nutrition tips explained above in the fourth phase of the diet.

The following applies to the French women’s diet: Quality comes before quantity. High-quality chocolate, fine wines and high-fat pies are definitely allowed - as long as it is only a small portion.


Evaluation of the French women diet

In itself, the French Women’s Diet is recommended to everyone who first has to learn how to properly deal with nutrition. However, you can quickly run the risk of miscalculating the portions and ultimately gaining weight instead of losing weight. The price factor also plays a not insignificant role, as high-quality, fresh food can be very expensive under certain circumstances.


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