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Wise is a young company from Great Britain. more ... The company started by sending money via an app on the smartphone (“peer to peer”). The main focus was on transfers in foreign currencies. Wise now also offers a checking account.

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+++ BGH judgment of April 27th, 2021 +++ Invalid terms and conditions at many banks +++

The BGH ruled that banks cannot simply introduce or increase fees without your consent. You can therefore claim back fees retrospectively.

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# 24 Andrea wrote on May 10, 2021
Product: International transfers
Unfortunately an absolute disaster, no support and it is advertised with a fast processing and transfer. Unfortunately, that doesn't work at all.
The system is not good and the website is completely cluttered.
Then it is better to be conservative about your own bank, it is worth the cost.
Wise robs nerves and time.
# 23 Peter-C. Self-Finding wrote on April 2nd, 2021
Not everyone is fit in English. When transferring from Germany to Wise's account, you don't know when the amount will be posted there and I always advise when I can enter my transfer, e.g. to the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, there is no complete German version of ... read on transfers.
# 22 Ulrich Siebels wrote on March 6, 2021
Product: International transfers
In 2013 I used Transfairwise for the first time in order to make the transfers that were due in advance for school trips to London without high international fees - and I stayed with it. So far I haven't had any negative experiences, all transfers (mainly to Canada and the UK) went smoothly. ...Continue reading
# 21 Claudia Kruse wrote on March 5, 2021
Product: International transfers
Works great, fast transfer, low fees
# 20 Hans-Joachim Bachmann wrote on 02/17/2021
Product: International transfers
I've been using transfers for 2 years.
It always went great.
Today I had problems setting up a new E-receiver.
The support helped and it worked.
I can recommend transferwise at any time.
# 19 Peter wrote on 01/22/2021
Product: International transfers
Transfer from Germany to Canada. Unfortunately, I had received account details from Canada where 1 digit was wrong. The transfer was refused after 2 days and the money was back in my account one day later. With the correct number everything went fine - the money was in the recipient's account after 2 working days. At a cost of € 9.50 (instead of around € 35 as before)
# 18 plaice wrote on 01/22/2021
Product: International transfers
great, inexpensive, reliable, fast
# 17 Olaf Wagner wrote on January 15, 2021
Product: International transfers
I have my family in Thailand and transfer monthly payments for house rent, school fees, etc. I used to pay into our credit card account in Thailand from my house bank, associated with very high fees, even with WU and a very poor exchange rate. Now I've tried Transferwise twice and am pleasantly surprised, very good course with low transfer fees. It's not as fast as at WU, but still faster than at my house bank.
# 16 Armin wrote on December 29, 2020
Product: International transfer
Very unreliable, never again. I had started my own business in Kenya and had to quickly transfer money for concessions, business registrations and the delivery of goods. I decided to park a higher amount on my transfer Wiese account. After two days the money from my house bank ... read more (customer for 30 years) arrived at transfer Wiese but was still blocked. Note: We still have to check. Two days later my account was blocked by transfer Wiese without giving a reason. As a result, I got into trouble because I was in arrears in Kenya. This procedure by transfer Wiese, which is completely incomprehensible to me, shows incompetence, unreliability and untrustworthiness. There are better service providers. Those who rely on reliability definitely avoid transfer meadow.
# 15 Martin wrote on 11/20/2020
Product: Currency exchange
I wanted to convert Swiss francs to $ 100 as a test. $ 20 never arrived and my inquiries have not been responded to after more than a week (we promise a two-day response time). That's a shame, because the offer is actually good. The risk ... read more of losing 20% ​​of my amount and then having no contact person is too great for me.
# 14 Rudolf Schmidt wrote on November 2nd, 2020
Product: Currency exchange
I use Transferwise regularly to exchange British pounds into euros and I am very satisfied. The website is user-friendly and you get very good exchange rates close to the middle rate, and the fees are relatively low. The exchanged money arrives in the target account in a matter of seconds.
# 13 Jaime Pérez wrote on 10/29/2020
Product: International transfers
If everything goes perfectly and there is no problem with the transaction, then it is a great solution. Problems start when you need support. The support is as good as unusable. That has nothing to do with the staff, but with the system behind it. A transfer with Transferwise is a black box. Nobody can help why a transaction is not working. Your only answer is "I couldn't!" but you never know why ... You don't get a transaction log or any hint. So there is no other option than to transfer the money back to the original bank and go the normal official way. And all of this with an enormous loss of time and, above all, with the loss of trial transactions ...
# 12 B. Löper wrote on 10/29/2020
Product: International transfers
I use Transfer Wise to transfer money to my sister in the US. Everything goes without any problems. The money arrives there within two days and the exchange rate is so much cheaper than at my house bank. In addition, you will be informed about every step ... read more Had already transferred money to Poland. Exactly the same positive experience.
I can only recommend.
# 11 Sina K. wrote on 10/29/2020
Product: International transfers
Perfect transfer to Kenya, I'm thrilled.
# 10 Reinhard Kühn wrote on 10/29/2020
Product: International transfers
fast execution, affordable costs and exchange rates
# 9 Jürgen wrote on 10/28/2020
Product: International transfers
perfect for international transfers
# 8 Georg wrote on 10/28/2020
Product: International transfers
used several times for money transfers internationally; normal house banks obviously can't do that at all (... weeks, very expensive) and even Paypal was several times more expensive in terms of fees (at least from my memory ..) than Transferwise when I verified the conditions of the FinTechs, about that I also had TFW .. I didn't know it before.
used it 3 times and the money was on the other international account in less than 24 hours :)
# 7 Thomas Steiner wrote on 10/28/2020
Product: International transfers
Simply great: fast, international transfers are comparatively very cheap, reliable, transparent - all amounts are displayed online, no hidden costs, good and reliable exchange rates. I've been using Transferwise every month for 4 years and so far everything has gotten to where it should. ...Continue reading
# 6 Helmut wrote on 10/27/2020
Product: International transfers
Very easy with a good course! However, Revolut is even better. There, however, the monthly exchange volume is limited
# 5 Peter wrote on 10/27/2020
Product: Transfer to the UK
I used Transferwise intensively in 2018 when I spent six months in England and regularly transferred money between Germany (euros) and Great Britain (pounds). Since then I have continued to use Transferwise at irregular intervals. The overall package (exchange rate and fees) is very cheap (if you take the standard service).
# 4 Michael H. wrote on 10/27/2020
Product: International transfers
Transfers are carried out quickly and reliably. The exchange rate for other currencies is exactly the same as the forex rate. The fees are very cheap.
# 3 Reinhardt wrote on 08/16/2020
Product: Money transfer to non-European countries
Very good and fast processing of all transactions. thanks
# 2 Jürgen Heckmann wrote on 07/18/2020
Usually has a better rate than Western Union, only transferring usually takes longer than with WU. But the good course lets it get over.
# 1 moodi wrote on 07/07/2020
Product: International transfers
Really simple and better than banks
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