What are some conversation skills for teenagers

English for teenagers, 12-17 years

These courses lay the foundations of the language and the kids begin to speak English like a native English speaker would. With the best means and the best method, where they learn almost without realizing it. From the age of 8, we start using the Cambridge Method and preparing children for the most prestigious exams in English classes. Cambridge English - Young Learners is a series of fun and motivating English tests designed specifically for students. We promise maximum teaching quality in classes with a maximum of 8 students per class. In addition, we include CLIL content in math and science so that children have a more immersive learning experience.


Our method of teaching English is largely based on speaking. In BLA! we want the children to feel comfortable and confident when speaking English and that is why we only work with really good teachers. Our lessons are for a maximum of 8 students and in a relaxed and conducive to communication environment. We have digital whiteboards, tablets, and the best selection of books and resources to complement our courses and make them fun and fun. In each lesson the children will have the opportunity to exchange linguistic ideas with their classmates and the teacher from start to finish.


n BLA! we also organize all kinds of activities with which the children can practice the language in communicative situations. Find out more about our workshops and activities at reception and speak English once and for all with the Babel Language Academy.


The English course for junior students at our school provides a guide into the world of career opportunities and international relationships for your child.

What can English for Teens be useful for? First of all, the young people will receive skills and knowledge in a comprehensible form, which will make further learning easier and more effective. Learning English in this way motivates you to master the additional languages. There is security to pass exams without any problems in the future.

We designed the course to target the interests of teenagers. It focuses on developing the necessary conversation skills as they will apply in practice. Learning English is an important step towards becoming one for children and young people.