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What is the difference between love and friend

1. Friendship

A friend is someone you like to spend time with, to whom you share your worries and needs, to whom you want to spend happy moments, and to whom you entrust secrets. The kind of relationship you have with such a person is called Friendship.

Friendships are made by people of all ages, from early childhood, and usually with several people.

What is striking about friendships is that they are predominantly (but by no means exclusively) made between same-sex people. Men usually have more male friends than women, and the opposite is true for women. This can already be observed in childhood and continues into old age.

Karl is standing at a counter with three other men when another man comes into the restaurant. Karl greets the newcomer and introduces him to the other people:
»... and these are mine Friends: Heinz, Willi and Kurt. "

Four-year-old Lisa tells about kindergarten:
“Laura is mine girlfriend. And Aisha is mine too girlfriend. And Anna is mine too girlfriend. Except Bianca, she always takes my doll away from me "

A key characteristic of this type of relationship is the complete lack of romantic and sexual elements.

2. Couples

Long-term friendships between two heterosexual adults of different sexes, or between homosexual adults of the same sex who correspond to the description above, do exist, but the special emotional closeness of a friendship in this constellation almost always means that the two people become one another fall in love and behave in society in such a way that they can be perceived as a couple.

Associated with this are tender touches, hugs and kisses, which are also exchanged in public if the social context tolerates such actions. Sexual activities, which of course usually take place in intimate togetherness, also take place in most of these couples.

In the English language, this transition is expressed by using one instead of a gender neutral »Friend« now from "Boyfriend" and "Girlfriend" speaks. The German does not know this distinction. The same German translation exists for all three English words, but this is also the case for the English, which is gender-neutral »Friend« separates by gender: friend or girlfriend. (I have given examples of this above.)

In the context described here girlfriend used as follows:

Gerd approaches his friends and holds hands with his companion. Before the two of them are within earshot, one of the friends says to the other:
“Look, Gerd has a new one Girlfriend.«

The relationship that such couples maintain with each other, however, usually does not work "Friendship" called because "Friendship" is almost always seen as a relationship devoid of romantic and erotic components. One rather speaks of one Love relationship or partnership. A single, generally accepted term for this type of relationship only exists in individual regions or social groups. However, the designation is inconsistent across the entire German-speaking area. Therefore, rather vague formulations are common, such as:

Gerd and Irene are together.
Gerd and Irene go with each other.

Such relationships often lead to marriage (or to a registered partnership for homosexual couples in countries where not all people are allowed to marry). The relationship is then called marriage (or registered partnership), and the names friend and girlfriend are then no longer used. In this case one speaks of husband and wife, or just from man and Mrs.

3. Beloved

From the actual meaning of the word, this is initially just a female person whom one loves. Gerd, from the example in point 2, could therefore actually introduce his companion to his friends in the following words:

This is Irene, my beloved.

However, this is not common. Instead, Gerd is more likely to say:

This is Irene, my friend.

A lover is more likely to be understood as a female person with whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship while at the same time marrying another person. (Instead of an actually officially concluded marriage, however, a long-term partnership can also take place, which, although not sealed at the registry office, is otherwise the same as a marriage in the way of living together.) Accordingly, a male extramarital partner is also considered to be Lover designated.

As a rule, attempts are made to keep such a relationship secret, at least from the spouse. You usually go to bed with your beloved, but you don't walk across the village square with her holding hands.

The names "Lover" and "Beloved" but are one-sided: the husband who has a relationship with another woman calls this illegitimate partner his "Lover". However, it is not common for this woman to call her partner who is married to another woman her lover. As in the case of romantic-sexual friendship, there is no common term for this.

Incidentally, as a synonym for the male lover are "Lover" and "Lover" very common (even more common than "Beloved"), while hardly any other terms are used for the female lover.