How old is my teacher

To the teachers: How old were you / how old were you when you finished?

  • Hello,

    I have a question for the teachers among us - including the prospective ones - there are a few here after all

    How old were you when I finished? Completely finished, so after the 2nd state examination?
    Or how old will you be according to plan?

    Thanks: wave:

  • My sister is studying to be a teacher (elementary school) and will go to the refresher course in the summer, as it will be shortened by 1/2 year from that point onwards, so it will probably be finished in early 2013. Then she will be 29. However, she repeated once at school and waited 1 year for the place to study after graduating from high school. In addition, it is the case in Cologne that you often wait longer until you get the events you need. She also had to repeat an exam twice. So if everything had worked out perfectly and not repeated, etc., it would have been finished 2.5 years earlier.

  • Katichen, would you like to change your course of study? ?

  • I'll be just under 30, but only for a few more weeks. However, I did an apprenticeship after graduating from high school and only then started studying. That's why I'm a bit "older"

    Can you explain to us why you want to know that? We're so curious

  • If things go according to plan, I'll be 29 (high school teacher).

    Those are nice coincidences: You come from the same city as me and you also have the same job, the same teaching post

  • I was 29 and 21 days old :-).

    If I hadn't had to work during my studies to finance the same, I would certainly have been faster. But somehow it's also good that way, younger people in the seminar were often a little overwhelmed with the stressful situation. (No pascalization, just my experience!)

  • You two might even study together ?

  • Hey
    if everything goes well, I'll be finished in summer 2014 and then I'll be 29 (2 months later, 30 ), study elementary school teaching.
    This is my second degree, so I'm a little older too ..

  • Yes, that's right. The forum is small.
    But I'm on the Edward team: rofl:

    So there is the huge difference

  • I've been at REF since January and will be a finished teacher by the age of 34: ouch:

    LG ,

  • I will be finished with the ref (elementary / technical secondary school) in the summer. : g2: Then I'm just 26 years old. If I had completed my studies faster, I would certainly be a year younger. But I'm glad I didn't do it that way.

  • I had the 1st state examination in 2001, at the age of 23, then I completed a diploma course (educational science) and then did the ref. That was in 2005 so I was 27 years old.

  • I was 28. That put me in the good average of my fellow trainees. My youngest co-trainee was 25 when I graduated, the oldest co-trainee was 44.

    I found the age to be okay to fully start the job, but it would also have been okay. found if I had been two years older. A lot of things later became easier in everyday working life when I passed the magic 30. Now, considering my age, I could easily be the mother of my fifth graders, which apparently makes a more competent impression on the parents.

    I currently have a trainee teacher in my classes who is five years older than me. It's kind of weird. I would have found it better if she had found an older training teacher.

  • Yikes, interesting. I would have thought that the cut was younger than the Medis, but that fits in pretty well with them. Is this due to the StEx examination forms? Many of them take a semester off to study for this very purpose ... An exciting question in any case

  • Since I had done something else before, between studying and ref, I was a finished high school teacher when I was 35 1/2 years old. I thought it was good to be older in the ref, because it was a bit more relaxed with the department heads ... my department head in German was younger than me

  • At the age of 26 I will be a finished primary school teacher.