What should I know about Nigeria

Country info: Nigeria

Nigeria is located in West Africa and is surrounded by Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Benin. It is the largest country on the west coast of Africa and the most populous country in Africa. Compared to other African countries, Nigeria is very densely populated. Nigeria was a British colony between the early 19th century and 1969.

From Berlin to the capital Abuja it is - as the crow flies - 4,453 km.


In southeastern Nigeria, the monsoon rains coming from the Atlantic determine the amount of rain. From April to November it brings abundant rainfall. Towards the center of the country it rains significantly less, in the far north the rainy season lasts four months.


The south is very rich in water. In many places, the remains of the typical, dense tropical rainforest determine the landscape. This forest contains numerous precious woods such as mahogany and obeche, but also many oil palms. The plateau and savannah are used as pastureland, where other hardwood tree species (baobab and tamarind) grow. Semi-deserts and typical vegetation dominate the extreme northeastern regions of the Sahel.


Most of the food in Nigeria is served with yams, potatoes and plantains. There is also grilled meat (Suy) or seasoned dried meat (Kilishi).


There is compulsory schooling for children between 6 and 15 years of age.

Strange and unknown

The Nigerian film industry is called Nollywood, similar to Hollywood in the USA or Bollywood in India. Around 2,000 films are made here every year; even more than in the USA.


The green fields of the flag represent agriculture, the white stripe stands for unity and peace, but also indicates the great Niger River, which flows through Nigeria and makes the fields usable with its water.