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Aid package for refugees in the USA: Herber slap in the face

In the interests of migrants, Republicans and Democrats are fighting through a bill. The latter still take a damper.

Nancy Pelosi of the Democrats is disappointed with the law Photo: Reuters

WASHINGTONap | In the USA, the situation of migrants and refugees on the border with Mexico is to be improved by law. The House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Democrats, voted on Thursday for the non-partisan Senate draft of $ 4.6 billion. Now it goes to President Donald Trump, who will probably sign the draft. Euphoric, he tweeted with a look at Republicans and Democrats: “A good job from everyone!” However, many Democrats see the law as a hard slap in the face.

The aid package is intended to benefit asylum seekers who were arrested on the US southern border after crossing the border. Families and children often wait in dire conditions and in overcrowded facilities for their applications to be processed. The death of a Salvadoran and his almost two-year-old daughter, who made no progress in filing the application in Mexico, then illegally crossed the Rio Grande river and drowned, also caused horror.

The Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, had tried to impose stricter conditions on the accommodation of migrants. The White House and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had resisted Pelosi's plan and described it as impracticable.

In addition, many Democrats in the Senate supported the bill that had been drafted in their chamber together with the Republican majority kidnappers. The tightening of the bill desired by Democrats in the House of Representatives had practically no chance.

The different positions among the Democrats became clear from their voting behavior. Most of its members in the Senate voted in favor of the draft. The final result, including the Republicans, was 84 to 8 votes. The Senate Democrats pretended to have struck the best possible deal in the Republican-controlled chamber.

No more leverage

In the House of Representatives, however, 129 Democrats voted for and 95 against the measure - together with the Republicans there was an overall result of 305 to 102 votes. Much of the democratic yes votes came only hesitantly. The MPs accused their party colleagues in the Senate of having, with their overwhelming approval for the submission of any leverage to tighten the bill.

Even the otherwise restrained Pelosi did not allow a swipe to be taken away. "We are not going to fall into the same disrespectful way the Senate did in ignoring the priorities of the House of Representatives," she said. In order to get the resources to the children as quickly as possible, the draft will be forwarded.

Moderate Democrats, on the other hand, accused their leftist party colleagues of living in a dream world if they believed they could get Republicans to make changes to the draft. “The template was very good. And do you know why? Because it is actually being put into practice, ”said Democrat Jeff Van Drew.