What is spiritual healing


Ways to recovery and healing

Our understanding of health encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of a person as well as the social relationships in which they live. We combine spirituality, subtle body and healing work, classical medicine, naturopathic treatments, body work, therapeutic and creative methods to provide comprehensive, individual support.

Spiritual medicine / medicine
Recovery and healing take place in different stages. In what happens to us humans, there is a potential for growth and maturation of our soul, of our being human. In our responsibility for ourselves, for our lives, we have the opportunity to develop this potential.

Spiritual medicine / medicine - the working of the unity of body, mind and soul - is a central task in everyday life and action in the Heilhaus. Supported by a network of various medical, therapeutic and social therapeutic professions, we accompany people in their search for recovery and healing - in the awareness of serving the needs of human existence, of facing death with mindfulness and dignity, for all forms of life to be there to advise and help us people with competence, love and hope.

3rd conference: What is spiritual medicine? What is healing
Discover the vitality and creativity

Joy, creativity and sensuality contribute to our recovery in their development and our vitality supports healing processes. In lectures and workshops, the conference clearly shows how these qualities can be effective in spiritual medicine and healing. People who are looking for their way of recovery and healing, relatives, specialists and lay people are cordially invited.

Date 04.09. - 05.09.2021, Sat 10.00 a.m. - Sun 5.30 p.m.
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Conference film

2nd conference on spiritual medicine / medicine 2018
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Impressions from the 1st conference in 2016

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