What is your most valuable item


My most precious object is my mobile phone, so I have contact with the outside world and am always informed about what is happening in my environment or beyond in the world. In addition, my mobile phone gives me the opportunity to maintain contact with my family and friends through the various apps, for example through WhatsApp and Instagram.
My cell phone is also a good source of entertainment for me, whether it's watching videos on YouTube for hours or listening to music. In short: I find it very difficult to imagine life without my cell phone!

Mahrukh, Weiterstadt, student

My favorite object is my bed. After a busy day, it's just incredibly comfortable to lie down on my bed. It's always nice to know that my bed is waiting for me at home. And when I have time off at home, I prefer to spend my time on my bed. No other object is as close to me as my bed!

Gozde Sadik

There is no such thing as the precious item in my life. My life and my family are the most precious things, but they are not objects to me. Otherwise, my bed, my food and my home are precious to me, as they cover my basic needs and make me a grateful and very rich person. Furthermore, my body is very precious to me because it carries me and keeps me alive. Basically, I think that everything precious should be cared for and, above all, valued.

Mansura Ullah, Nursing and Health M.A, Eschollbrücken

My handbags are very important to me and are therefore one of the most valuable items. They accompany me in my everyday life, no matter where the journey is going. I love bags passionately, they are just very special to me!

Anna Schmidt, Frankfurt, student of life sciences

The first thing that comes to mind as the most valuable item is my bed. A bed has a special function like no other object I know. That's why it's very valuable and essential to me. I love to sleep on my bed and feel safe in it.

Konstanze Meinke, student, Main-Kinzig-Kreis

My cell phone is probably the most valuable thing to me. There are many reasons why my cell phone, of all things, is most valuable to me. I will briefly list some of them: First of all, my mobile phone gives me the opportunity to establish contact with other people at any time and not miss out on important information and knowledge. In addition, effective contact enables me to always be up to date. I also use my cell phone to take photos to capture memories.

Lea A. Office clerk, Neunkirchen

My dog ​​is very precious to me! For me he is like a child who is always there for me. When I feel lonely, my dog ​​cheers me up! It gives me new life energy and is therefore very special to me.

Olivia Costa, nurse

My cell phone is very important to me, I spend most of my free time on my cell phone. It offers me the platform for everything that is important to me, I am always available, can take nice photos, can listen to music, google quickly and have good access to social networks. My cell phone is important to me and is always with me!

Ferida P., high school graduate, Frankfurt

My partner is the most precious thing for me. We share life and give each other peace. It always makes me happy and is just valuable!

Jürgen Heinz, tax clerk, Mainz

My bike is my best friend. I can go anywhere with it and no destination is too far with my bike. My bike accompanies me everywhere in my everyday life, it promotes my physical health so that I always stay fit. My bike is the best means of transport and therefore very precious to me!

Kristin Karl, student of art history, Frankfurt

The Bible Is My Most Precious Item I am a devout Christian and the Bible is the standard for my life. I try to live my life according to the teachings of the Bible, every sentence in it is very crucial for me!

Markus Friedmann, electrical engineer, Giessen

What is my most precious item? I thought about it for a long time because there are some. But if I have to reduce it to objects: it's the hand-painted pictures of my children, diverted, honest, with love, hearts and sometimes texts that don't care about spelling or commas. But - full of love. I have collected these drawings in a folder, of my three treasures!

Gabi Graefe, Dipl. Image Consultant, Neumünster

The question of the most precious object should be easy for everyone, but this will in principle depend on the state of consciousness of the respective person. So this can either represent a material and physical object or it can be a part of his own physical body, his senses or his own being. For me the most precious object is my heart, because without it I could not LOVE and without LOVE we and our countless universes would not exist. Love is the most important thing in all of our existence, but only very few pay attention to it.

Tom L., active in civil engineering, from Freiberg (Saxony)

For me there is not one particular subject that is important. I am convinced that material things cannot make us 100% happy. It is much more important to me to be able to spend time with my family, my friends and with those that I really enjoy. No object can make me as happy as spending time with other people.

Nicolas, student, near Mannheim

My favorite subject is the Muslim holy book, the Koran. This book not only serves as a guideline for me, but is also a beacon of hope for humanity. The Koran contains essential teachings that always make my goal in life clear to me. It not only calms me down in terms of content, because the recitation of the beautiful Arabic language also strengthens me.

Moneeb Qureshi, high school graduate, near Darmstadt