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The best “Bacalhau” dishes in Portugal

What is the national dish of the Portuguese? Naturally “Bacalhau”, salted and dried stockfish. The Bacalhau is of great historical, economic and cultural importance in Portugal. It can be seen in many museums, the focus of many trade fairs and of course the main component Thousands of recipes. It is said that there is a different recipe for each day of the year, though that is an understatement.

Portuguese cod, prepared with olive oil, onions, potatoes, paprika and many other ingredients, is always a real culinary delight.

If you want to really get to know Portuguese cuisine, there are some traditional recipes that you should try. Here we have for you the best bacalhau dishes in Portugal compiled.

Traditional cod dishes in Minho

in the north Bacalhau is even more popular than in the rest of Portugal. In Viana do Castelo you can visit the shipyards where the cod fleet built. "Gil Eanes" is the most famous boat in this fleet, a tribute to one of the great seafarers of the 15th century. Nowadays it is used as a somewhat extraordinary hotel and gives one Cod dish with chickpeas his name.

If you prefer a more classic taste, we recommend you Bacalhau à margarida da praça (grilled cod with boiled potatoes) or Bacalhau à moda de Viana (Cod wrapped in cabbage leaves). Another traditional dish that is mainly prepared for Christmas is Roupa velha de bacalhau, a stir-fry made from leftover fish.

In Braga can you Bacalhau à Narcisa try fried cod snacks with bay leaves and cloves, served with a compact corn bread.

Bacalhau in Trás-os-Montes and Douro

Serrano ham and cod is a somewhat unorthodox but delicious combination that is very typical in this Portuguese region. Depending on the area, there are different variants of which Bacalhau à Transmontana (Cod with a little port wine) is one of the most famous. In Barroso can you Bacalhau assado com pão de centeio try fried cod with chopped up rye bread pieces. The specialty of the O Cortiço restaurant in Viseu, a true institution among gourmets Bacalhau podre, fried and egg-covered cod. They are also typical of the area Migas com bacalhau, chopped vegetables and beans mixed with bread and cod.

Typical cod dishes in Beira Litoral

In Viseu, Coimbra and the Beiras region The most typical preparation of cod consists in Bacalhau à Lagareiro or with Batatas a muro. This variant is also very popular in the rest of the country. Basically, this dish is made from toasted cod topped with mashed potatoes, mimicking the way the lagareiros, the olive farmers who would pound olives to make olive oil.

In Anadia, a small town in Aveiro, the cod is prepared according to another famous recipe: Bacalhau com presunto à Bairrada, Cod with Serrano Ham. In Coimbra can you Bola de Bacalhau try a pick of corn stuffed with cod.

Eating cod in Porto

The famous dish Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo with mayonnaise crust was created by the owner of the restaurant of the same name for a culinary competition in town postage created. Today it is one of the most popular dishes for cod lovers.

The Bacalhau à Gomes Sá, cod cooked in milk and served with potatoes and boiled eggs, was created by José Luiz Gomes de Sá for the O Lisbonense restaurant; Bacalhau à João do Buraco is a delicious dish with prawns and mussels.

Typical bacalha dishes in Lisbon

Bacalhau à brás is arguably the most famous cod dish, popular across the country and overseas, made with strips of cod, fried potatoes and eggs. It is said that this dish was made by a cook in a tavern in the Bairro Alto in Lisbon was created. Currently you can find it near all traditional restaurants.

Sintra is home to a slightly more upscale cod dish, Bacalhau espiritualtraditionally prepared for Easter and served with carrots and bechamel sauce.

Pataniscas de Bacalhau, from the historic Province of Estremadura, has a slightly humbler origin, but is just as delicious. These slightly misshapen cod cakes compete with the equally famous Bolos de bacalhau and are an absolute delight to roast.

Traditional cod dishes in the Alentejo

Soups and açordas are the culinary flagships of this region. The Açorda is a garlic soup made from stale bread to which you can add almost anything; this is how you can transform this simple meal into a sophisticated dish for the exquisite palate.

When preparing with cod, the açorda is usually served with eggs.

Eat Bacalhau in the Algarve

The south of Portugal is known for its spectacular seafood, including the Bacalhau à Algarvia, fried cod garnished with onions and potatoes.

Now you have all the important information about the Bacalhau and you can start your culinary tour through Portugal!