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2 MOBILE IT APPLICATIONS IN FM What FM can learn from Pokémon Go The triumphant advance of the smartphone can no longer be stopped. In Germany alone there were more than 40 million users in 2014. You no longer want to benefit from mobile applications only in your private life, but also in your everyday work. This results in new requirements for facility management, but also a multitude of opportunities to improve processes and services. After all, the young people are now going out into the fresh air again. That is probably the only positive thing that normal mortals my age can gain from the new epidemic among the digital natives. Yeah right, I mean Pokémon Go. This peculiar game that makes young people run in droves over the streets, staring at their smartphones and screeching with joy (regardless of the author who brakes with screeching tires, of course) or in public places (preferably in front of McDonald's or Primark branches) chattering happily, mindlessly. What does this have to do with FM, you might ask. Well, more than you think! Because Pokémon Go has clearly proven one thing: with a smartphone and a little well-designed software, it is very easy to get people to go to places they would not otherwise have gone to and do things that they would not otherwise have done. And it doesn't have to be as mindless as Pokémon Go. It can also be used constructively. Because nowadays not only every teenager has a smartphone, but practically every adult as well, from cleaning staff to CEOs. And that brings us to the middle of the topic: mobile information and communication technologies in FM. Image: Anton Gvozdikov - The key to digitizing facility management and facility services. Strictly speaking, we are even talking about two topics at this point: the digitization of facility management through the needs-based preparation of information for management and controlling on the one hand and IT support for processes in the area of ​​facility services on the other. Of course, there are overlaps and common aspects. But the assignment of roles and tasks allows a differentiation. The IT-supported perception of control and controlling tasks can nowadays already be carried out without any problems via mobile devices, since practically all CAFM systems are web-enabled. That is a really nice thing and a convenient relief in day-to-day business for the facility manager. However, one does not necessarily have to look for real added value here that advances the organization as a whole. He could also process his evaluations, reports and the like in the office. The topic of mobile IT applications, on the other hand, becomes more interesting when it comes to supporting operational facility services. Because this is where the large field of process optimization attracts. And so it is not surprising that the CAFM providers have been working on various solutions for several years. A November 34th

3 The field that has so far been the clear focus are maintenance tasks. Service employees have to visit the systems in the building, carry out a canon of activities, usually de-defined, document them and transmit the data for billing. The whole thing must of course be productive and efficient, and all legal provisions and safety regulations must be complied with in accordance with the operator's responsibility. What used to be largely documented on paper and manually transferred to financial software for billing can now be handled almost entirely digitally. Mobile maintenance with app support For example, Planon Mobile Field Services help to improve services and reduce administrative work. For this purpose, the employees in the Field Services Team are equipped with solutions that they can use on any mobile device. The service staff is connected to the Planon ProCenter, the back-office solution from Planon, in which the tasks are registered, planned, assigned, monitored and administratively processed. Planon offers this solution in combination with a secure cloud service that enables rapid implementation and distribution and minimizes the scalability of use. The software house conjectfm also offers comprehensive support in the field of maintenance and repairs. The mobile app conjectfm IH facilitates the electronic processing of maintenance orders, tests and inspections independent of time and place. It also enables the recording and qualification of fault reports on site as well as the complete processing of the resulting repair orders. Bensheim-based speedikon FM AG also supports service employees with an app. The user, i.e. the maintenance engineer, can use the app almost without training, as he is used to with his smartphone. Working with data packets in offline mode is also excellent and the performance is also very good, the provider said. By making adjustments in the background, you can also check fire doors and machines or even the cars in the fleet. The app is just the way it should be and can be used effectively and effectively as a maintenance tool, reports Thorsten Grunewald, Schaefler Group's strategic facility manager, from Prais. With pit - Mobile for smartphone or tablet, the solution from pit - cup GmbH, the most important features are simply structured FM processes, data just in time, offline capability and the use of modern media such as cameras, voice memos, GPS receivers and scanners compared to web browser applications. pit - Mobile supports the mobile employees, for example, with tasks such as defect management / defect documentation, fault report recording / event recording, order management / tradespeople solution or working time recording. Mobile data and inventory recording A mobile topic in the CAFM area is data and inventory recording, which of course has to take place on site. There is also mobile IT support for the associated processes. For example, the new Imsware combines. App Inventory from Dinslaken-based IMS GmbH mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs with mobile hand scanners into a handy and powerful tool. The acquisition and comparison tool is closely linked to the main Imsware system. In this, users create inventory processes with the help of deined Worklows, which are transferred to the mobile device as a template. The work flow is designed Image: N + P Informationssysteme Image: Planon Image: pit cup Access to reports and evaluations via the Internet is now possible with many CAFM systems. The picture shows the call of the Spartacus dashboard on different end devices. Planon apps enable employees in modern office environments to use their smartphones to search for meeting rooms and workplaces intuitively and conveniently. Signature field in pit Mobile: After working hours and used parts have been recorded in the system, the customer confirms the work done with his signature on the device. November

4 Image: N + P Information Systems Augmented Reality: Real world and digital information converge on the smartphone. The fault message for the elevator door is displayed in the camera recording. is then largely automatic. All that is required is that the mobile device is connected to the hand-held scanner. The app adopts the stored template and guides the user through the working day. The processes are mainly controlled by a scanner, the system automatically recognizes rooms based on the barcode and can also differentiate between inventory and systems. So smartphone and tablet can usually stay in the pocket and only the scanner for inventory or inventory has to be operated. Displays on the device guide the user through the individual steps of each data acquisition with the help of predefined templates, so new objects can be recorded and evaluated. And if a hand scanner is not available on site, the integrated camera of the smartphone or tablet PC can also be used. The mobile app conjectfm MD also facilitates the recording and maintenance of room books and assets such as furniture, office equipment, technical inventory, electrical work equipment, etc. It supports you in carrying out inventories, managing depreciable inventory assets and implementing the legal requirements in operational pricing. Other fields of application While maintenance and data acquisition cover two main areas of activity, there are also numerous other options for digitally supporting FM processes. Sustainability and new ways of working, for example, increase the need for agility and efficiency in the use of facilities and the provision of services. Planon therefore offers solutions that enable employees to use their smartphones to search for meeting rooms and workplaces intuitively and conveniently. They use the specific strengths of smartphones, such as location options and digital cameras. The conjectfm BK Baumkataster app is a little more unusual. It enables the systematic registration and administration of tree populations. All the necessary data are recorded on the move, synchronized online with conjectfm and are therefore available to every user of the system in real time. The current tree assessment methods as well as the requirements of municipalities, park administrations and housing construction companies are taken into account. Networking the real and virtual world It is only a small step from mobile supported processes to the trending topic of augmented reality. It describes the computer-aided expansion of the perception of reality. This means that the real world is enriched with alphanumeric, graphic and multimedia information in order to use it specifically to support processes and decisions. While Pokémon Go is a playful version of this, FM processes can also be enriched by such additional visual information, which is intended to increase the effectiveness of the process. N + P Informationssysteme GmbH has been working since 2012 as part of the Augmented Reality research project in facility management with the development of prototypical AR applications in order to be able to process the existing data from the CAFM solution Spartacus Facility Management. The focus of the project was on the evaluation, conception and development of technologies to support mobile FM processes by enriching them with visual information. N + P has identified the following topics for the use of AR technology in facility management: Overview of the measures: All tasks to be performed by an employee are displayed with the current status above the relevant FM objects on the camera image. Extended map view with benchmark results: A map view shows benchmark results between different locations for comparison, e.g. B. Water consumption per capita in all schools per year. Highlighting FM objects: Managed FM objects are highlighted, e.g. B. with a border in order to obtain more detailed information about an object through a selection. Overview display of maintenance cycles and orders: All maintenance cycles and orders with current information are displayed on the camera image via the relevant FM objects or technical systems. November 36

5 3D seating view: The 3D display and manipulation of seating options for planning room reservations enable the selection, arrangement and alignment of the 3D models on the camera image. The first facility service providers such as Strabag Property and Facility Services are already testing so-called head-mounted displays (HMD) in the Prais. This means that service technicians in the field receive information exactly where it is needed. However, it will be a while before such work equipment is used with smiles, especially since questions of physical and psychological stress from HMD have not yet been extensively researched. Robert Altmannshofer n table: CAFM systems and mobile application providers, software support of FM processes by smartphones, tablets, hand scanners etc. supported mobile operating systems Symbian Android Blackberry Apple Windows Allplan GmbH, Allplan Allfa ARCHIBUS Solution Center Germany GmbH, Archibus AT + C EDV GmbH, AT + C Facility Manager Byron Informatik AG, Byron / BIS CIDEON Software GmbH & Co. KG, VISUAL Real Estate & Facility Management with SAP CONJECT AG, conjectfm EBCsoft GmbH, Vitricon etask Immobilien Software GmbH, etask.facilitymanagement FaciWare GmbH , FaciPlan Via Interfaces Society for the Promotion of Applied Informatics ev, InfoCABLE HSD Händschke Software & Datentechnik GmbH, HSD NOVA-FM iffm Institute for Facility Management GmbH, iffmgis IMS Society for Information and Management Systems GmbH, IMSWARE InCaTec Solution GmbH, Aerion INFOMA Software Consulting GmbH , newsystem property and building management Keßler Real Estate Solutions GmbH, F AMOS KeyLogic GmbH, KeyLogic KMS Computer GmbH, GEBman Kolibri software & systems GmbH, Kolibri Immobilienmanagement Loy & Hutz Solutions AG, wave Facilities MCS NV, mymcs mohnke (m), facility (24) N + P Informationssysteme GmbH, SPARTACUS Facility Management via interfaces pit - cup GmbH, pit - FM Planon GmbH, Planon Accelerator Plan-Vision GmbH, VisionR Reply AG, ifms (Integrated Facility Management System) Via interfaces SMB AG, MORADA smotive - Europ. Location Informations Service Gesellschaft mbh, smotive WebPortal speedikon Facility Management AG, speedikon C Ultimo Software Solutions GmbH, Ultimo Facility Management Source: Market overview CAFM software November