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Fifth chapter

The act of procreation

Know, oh vizier - may God protect you! - if you wish to have sexual intercourse and go to a woman, your stomach should not be overloaded with food and drink; only under this condition will coitus be healthy and good for you.

If your stomach is full, it can only do badly to both of you; you will notice ominous signs of stroke and gout, and the slightest inconvenience that such carelessness can result in will be that you cannot urinate and that the visual acuity of your eyes deteriorates!

Therefore, keep your stomach away from excessive consumption of food and drink, and you do not have to fear illness.

Before you have coitus with your wife, excite her with love games so that the union of the genitals forms the end to your mutual satisfaction.

So it will be good if you play with her before you put your member in and have sex. You have to make her excited by kissing her cheeks, sucking her lips, and nibbling her breasts. You have to put a thousand kisses on her navel and on her thighs. Tickle the parts that are below, bite her arms and do not neglect any part of her body; snuggle up to her chest and show her your love and submission. Devour your legs with hers and press them into your arms; because that's what the poet said:

Served under her neck
My right hand as a pillow
But my left hand
Carried her gently like a bed.

If you are snuggled up close to a woman, you hear her, panting for copulation, utter deep sighs - then let your and her desire merge into one and let your lust reach its climax; because this will be the most favorable moment for lovemaking. The enjoyment which the woman then feels will be increased to the utmost; you yourself will love her all the more intimately, and she will persevere in her tenderness for you; because it has been said:

“When you see a woman take a deep breath, when her lips turn red and her eyes swim with a damp glow, when her mouth half opens and her movements become careless, when she looks as if she is about to go to sleep, with staggering steps and yawning Mouth - so know: this is the right moment for coitus, and if you then go straight into it, you will give it a wonderful pleasure. There you will find that the mouth of her uterus encloses your thing - and this is undoubtedly the culmination of the joy of love for both of you, because it primarily evokes tenderness and love. "

Well known are the following doctrines, which come from a thorough knowledge of love affairs:

“Woman is like a fruit that will not give you its sweetness until you rub it between your hands. Take the basil, for example; if you don't rub it warm between your fingers, it won't give off a hint of scent. You know that the amber keeps its aroma hidden in its pores if you don't touch it and warm it. It is the same with women. If you do not enliven her with your love games, with kissing, biting and caressing, you will not get what you want from her; you will feel no bliss if you share her bed, you will awaken no affection, no tenderness, no love for you in her heart; all of its blissful qualities will remain hidden. "

It is said that a man asked a woman which means would be best suited to arouse inclination in the female heart with regard to the joys of cohabitation, and received the following answer:

“Know, oh questioner: the pleasure in coitus is nourished by the games and touches that precede it, and then by the intimate engulfment at the moment of ejaculation! Believe me, the kissing, the gentle biting, the sucking on the lips, the intimate embrace, the visits of the lips to the buds of the breasts, the slurping in of fresh saliva: it is all that makes the inclination permanent. When the two lovers do this, the climax takes place simultaneously with them, and man and woman feel the bliss at the same moment. Then the man feels how the uterus grabs his member, and this gives both of them the delicious pleasure. This is how love is born; but if it is not done that way, the woman has not received her full share of the enjoyment, and she lacks the delight of the womb. For know: the woman will not feel her desires satisfied and will not love her rider if he is unable to penetrate to her womb; but if the womb is involved, then the woman will feel the hottest love for her knight, even if he should otherwise be of unsightly appearance. That is why you can do nothing better than to bring about simultaneous enjoyment in both: this is the secret of love. "

One of the wise men who studied this subject told us what a woman had entrusted to him:

“You know, all you men who want to win love and tenderness from women, who want this feeling to last in their hearts: joke with her before you go over to actual coitus; prepare them for this enjoyment and miss nothing to achieve this end. Make every effort to get to know them with the greatest perseverance; occupy yourself exclusively with it, and do not let your thoughts be concerned with anything else. Do not let the favorable moment of bliss pass: but this moment comes when the woman's eyes become moist and half close. Then get down to work, but mind you: not until your kisses and lovemaking have had their effect.

After you have excited her enough, push your member into her; then all you have to do is move in the right way and she will have a pleasure that must satisfy all of her desires. Lies pressed against her chest, flood her cheeks with kisses and do not pull your member out of her vagina. Push until you hit the cervix! This is the highest reward that can crown your efforts.

If you have reached the cervix with God's help, be careful not to pull out your member, but let it stay inside and slurp in infinite delights! Hear how deeply she sighs, how hard she breathes: this is proof of how deeply she feels the bliss that you give her.

When your love struggle is over and your ecstasy has subsided, then you are not allowed to get up immediately, but must slowly and carefully pull out the member. Remain huddled close to your beloved and lie so that you occupy the right side of the bed that was a witness of your happiness. You will enjoy it and then you are not like a guy who climbs up on the woman like a mule without any delicacy and, as soon as he has finished, quickly pulls his member out and walks away. Beware of such behavior, because with it you rob women of all pleasure. "

Anyone who is devoted to the enjoyment of love with body and soul will certainly heed all my advice; for if he does this he will bring the beloved the highest delight, and my teachings contain all the essentials that he needs to know. God did everything very well!

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