When should a church issue a 1099?

Evangelical parish Waldgirmes

Weekly saying: Whoever listens to you hears me; and whoever despises you despises me.

Luke 10:16

TheCommunity Officeis manned at the usual times (Tuesdays from 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.), but can only be reached by phone or email.

Saturday June 13th

6 p.m.

Church service (see special notices)

The collection is intended for the German Evangelical Church Congress (DEKT)

Sunday June 14th

10.00 a.m.

Church service (see special notices)

The collection is intended for the German Evangelical Church Congress (DEKT)

8 p.m.

Community hour with Keshava Wolf (FTH) in the club house

(see special notices)

Wednesday June 17th

9.00 a.m.

Visiting service meeting in the Wichernhaus

Special notices:

Services in the church

Services can take place again subject to strict safety rules.

Furthermore, on the homepage of the Ev. Church community Waldgirmes (http://ev-kirchengemeinde-waldgirmes.dekanat-big.de) a service can be seen.

So that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters to others can be guaranteed, the number of visitors, which is based on the size of the church, is limited to 20 people. We therefore ask for early Registration with Ev. Rectory at 06441-61481 (registration on AB is also possible; feedback is only given if the number of participants is exceeded)

We want to adhere to the following rules for church services in order to protect ourselves and others:

  1. a maximum of 20 people can take part in the service
  2. We therefore ask you to register: Name, address and telephone number are recorded for any necessary follow-up in the event of infection by the health department. The list remains under lock and key and will be destroyed after 3 weeks
  3. all worshipers wear mouth and nose covers for their own protection and that of others
  4. We will assign you a marked seat
  5. When coming and going as well as in church, we keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from others
  6. the gallery cannot be occupied
  7. Those living in a household can sit together in the church as long as the distance rule to others is observed
  8. Hand disinfection is available
  9. If you do not feel healthy, please stay at home out of consideration for others.

(If you want, you can bring a seat cushion, as the bench pads are not available for reasons of hygiene)

Community events in the Wichernhaus

are still not taking place.

The men's hiking tour (June 13th, 2020) and the Bible discussion group (June 17th, 2020) will not take place either.

We inform about the showcases at the church and Wichernhaus, the homepage and the Lahnau news when community events will take place again.

Events of the Ev. Community Waldgirmes

Community hours on Sundays must take place in compliance with government regulations (seat spacing, hand disinfection, mouth / nose covering).

"A few minutes of confidence"

On March 16, when the Corona crisis was still very fresh, the dean's office started with the “A few minutes of confidence” campaign: every day there was a short encouraging prayer for the weeks in which services had to be canceled. Now church services are allowed again with many restrictions and the daily action of the dean's office is over for the time being. The dean's office continues to provide short services on Sundays from different corners of the dean's office on the homepage (https://dekanat-big.de/14223-2) to disposal. Because we still need confidence - every day!

When the bells ring ... An invitation at 7.30 p.m. to pause together - bells ecumenically call to prayer

These days, many churches ring their bells at 7.30 p.m. When we hear them, no matter where we are, we can pause for a moment. The bells invite us to pray. For the power of prayer changes the world and ourselves. "When I call on you, God, you hear me and give my soul great strength" (Psalm 138: 3).

(Prayer suggestions at: https://www.ekhn.de/aktuell/detailmagazin/news/glocken-locken-oekumenisch-zum-gebet.html)

Bottle cap collection

A collection box for the crown caps and screw jar lids is available in front of the entrance door of the Wichernhaus during office hours.

Postage stamps, wool and corks can also be parked there.

Ringing for births

Since the beginning of the new year, the church bells can also ring at births at the request of the parents. If you want, you can inform the parish office of the parish (Tel. 61481).

The church bells are currently ringing on various occasions (at church services, at a bereavement, at a wedding and at different times of the day). In the event of a birth, however, this has not yet been planned.

“The ringing of the church bells is a call to prayer for the congregation. In this case it means that the ringing of the bell is not just a message. It should also invite the community to pray for the newborn child, ”says Pastor Frieder Ackermann. The “birth bells” will ring at 3 pm.

Sick and birthday visits

Please understand that due to the current situation I cannot make any visits at the moment (I will only come to visit the sick in very urgent cases). I am looking forward to a telephone contact. Many Thanks!

Your Pastor Ackermann (Tel. 61481)

Likewise, neither me nor the visiting service team are currently making birthday visits, but will be happy to make up for them at a later point in time if requested.

Contact addresses of the Waldgirmes parish:

Pastor Frieder Ackermann, Pestalozzistr. 5, Tel. 61481

Deputy chairman of the church council Michael Seibert, Tel. 61845

Community office (Wichernhaus) Pestalozzistr. 7, Tel. 66000 and Fax 6690557, Mail: [email protected]

Sexton Nadja Jung, Tel. 2001950

Homepage: http://ev-kirchengemeinde-waldgirmes.dekanat-big.de