Will Jeremy Corbyn ever be elected?

Jeremy Corbyn, underrated Labor leader and young choice

Tony Blair warned him in 2015 with forceful words: If Jeremy Corbyn were elected party chairman, it could mean not just defeat, but utter annihilation for Labor in the next election. Above all, the young party members nevertheless put their trust in the left outsider.

It is not surprising that the ex-premier is not a friend of Corbyn's: the left-wing party rebel had voted against the party line 428 times in the House of Commons between 1997 and 2010 during the reign of Blair's "New Labor" - more often than any other MP. In particular, the British participation in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq brought the later Gandhi Peace Prize winner into strict opposition to his party leadership.

After the Brexit referendum in June 2016, Corbyn's internal party opponents revolted. They accused him of not having done enough to keep Britain in the European Union. He clearly lost a vote of no confidence by the MPs, but the former trade unionist could rely on the base: In the renewed primary election, he received even more support than in the previous year.

The rebellious was practically placed in Corbyn's Wiltshire cradle. His parents were political activists who met on a committee in support of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.

The 68-year-old has been married to the Mexican-born fair-trade coffee trader Laura Álvarez for the third time since 2013. He divorced his second wife and mother of his three sons in 1999 because of differences over their son Ben's school attendance. The school where the couple lived in Islington had a bad reputation, so Ben was sent to a more upscale educational institution against his father's wishes. Apart from the fact that his second son Sebastian is chief of staff of John McDonnell, the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer of Labor, the party leader deliberately keeps his private life out of the media's field of vision.

He also had successes in slightly different elections: In 2001 he was named "Beard of the Year" by the Beard Liberation Front on the grounds that his facial hair was a form of resistance against New Labor. In 2016 he was able to win the title "Parliamentary Beard of the Year" for the seventh time. (Michael Vosatka, 9.6.2017)