Which job in the army is safe enough

Not just a soldier: The Bundeswehr has many civil and military training professions to offer. Here you will find an overview of the most important information.

55 years after its introduction, the Bundestag abolished general conscription for an indefinite period in 2011. But enough young people do their training voluntarily in the Bundeswehr. Because it offers over 70 military and over 40 civilian training and study professions.

Bundeswehr: What prerequisites do you need for a military career?

As a soldier, you can do a Career in the army, air force, navy, medical service, armed forces base or in the cyber and information space strike, as currently around 177,000 armed forces. Whether in the team, as a sergeant, sergeant or officer depends on the educational and professional training, according to the website Bundeswehrkarriere.de.

University entrance qualification / AbiturMiddle school leaving certificate / secondary school with vocational qualificationSecondary school leaving certificateFull school time
officer               ✓ x x x
sergeant               ✓               ✓ x x
Sergeant               ✓               ✓               ✓ x
Teams               ✓               ✓               ✓         ✓

Source: Bundeswehrkarriere.de (as of 2019)

The soldiers' salaries vary depending on their rank. The website Bundeswehrkarriere.de offers reference examples and brochures for download.

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From 17 years you can commit yourself for four years and rise to the rank of officer. This career is with one Education connected, for example medicine, business administration, psychology and about 60 other bachelor and master courses.

The Bundeswehr training as a soldier and the responsible handling of a weapon require physical and mental strength. That is why every applicant is first in one detailed consultation checked before an application folder is created together. You can find the nearest advice center on the Bundeswehr website. Those who have qualified will receive an invitation to the selection process with written, oral and practical tests as well as a medical examination. The website bundeswehreinstellungstest-karriere.de provides information on this.

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How long does the training with the Bundeswehr last?

In order to get a taste of the soldier's profession, you don't have to commit yourself straight away. With voluntary military service you can get an idea for between seven and 23 months. Basic training takes three months, then you will be deployed in one of the six units, army, air force, navy, medical service, armed forces base and cyber and information space.

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Foreign deployment: do I have to go to a war zone after completing my training as a soldier?

As a member of international alliances such as the European Union (EU), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United Nations (UN), the Bundeswehr takes part in international missions. Even if the conflicts and crises seem far away, they can endanger Germany's security. The soldiers are considered by the BundestagScouts, mountain fighters, telecommunications officers, paratroopers, ordnance specialists, logistics experts and commandos Sent to crisis areas and take on military, but also humanitarian and observational tasks. Every soldier must be ready to take part in such operations and fight terrorism, dictatorial regimes and natural disasters.

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A completely normal job? Technical professions in the Bundeswehr.

Education: Civilian professions in the Bundeswehr

The soldiers are supported by around 86,000 civilian employees in the Bundeswehr administration so that the armed forces lack nothing. There are over 40 technical and non-technical professions in personnel, equipment, infrastructure and environmental protection, the administration of justice or military pastoral care. For example, you can become an electronics technician, building material tester, mechatronics technician, cook, firefighter, warehouse clerk, painter and varnisher, engineer or career advisor. For the Middle, upper and higher service needs appropriate school or vocational training.

Vocational trainingMedium GradeHigher serviceHigher service
Secondary school leaving certificateCompleted vocational trainingUniversity entrance qualification Bachelormaster

Source: Bundeswehrkarriere.de (as of 2019)

Apply in good time for the 2020 training at the Bundeswehr

The annual The application deadline is October 31st. As with other apprenticeships, you apply to the Bundeswehr at the end of the penultimate school year for the following year. However, according to Karrierebibel.de, the deadlines sometimes vary by several months, depending on the apprenticeship and the federal state. Therefore, you should inform yourself in good time.

Interested parties can click through a test on the Bundeswehr website, depending on their preferences to make a pre-selection of possible training courses.

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