When should you call the police?

Call the police and report the accident

In a nutshell: Call the police for every accident?

Do you have to call the police after an accident?

Minor damage can also be done without police rules: Exchange for it Contact and insurance information as well as information about Telephone number and registration number with each other. However, if you want to make sure that the claims settlement is correct, the police can be called in. At major property damage and Personal injuryyou have to call the police.

How do you behave after an accident?

The following also applies to minor accidents: Rescue chain note. Secure the scene of the accident, provide first aid if necessary, dial the emergency number.

Do I have to call the police in an accident?

After a traffic accident there is often a lack of clarity as to whether the police will imperative must be fetched for this. Indeed the answer to that question is depending on the circumstances. It came to one considerable damage to property or became one Seriously injured person, you shouldn't do without the police. In the case of minor damage, a car accident can be managed well without the police.

What if you call the police in an accident?

After a traffic accident it means to stay calm. In the event of personal injury, the shock is often in the bones, but even if only minor scratches on the car Anger and anger are often involved - now it's time to keep a cool head. Try to be in control of the situation and take the right steps.

Police in the event of an accident with personal injury or significant property damage

First it is called the scene of the accident by means of Warning triangle and hazard warning lights to secure. Wear the Safety vest. According to the rescue chain, the subsequent Emergency call to get voted. You can use this call at the same time report the accident to the police. Usually the control center decides for itself whether police officers need to be on site. While you are waiting for the police and ambulance, you should go by First aid help the injured person.

If the people who have been injured have been cared for by the rescue services, the police will start with the Traffic accident recording. The officers secure evidence that allows conclusions to be drawn about the course of the accident and its consequences. In the course of the accident recording taking photos the police officers the damaged vehicles, question witnesses, document skid marks and create corresponding Logs. The evidence collected is then used for the analysis of the accident, which results in a Reconstruction of the course of the accident can be done.

Should a traffic violation or negligent behavior be the cause of the accident, evidence will also be saved in this regard in order to be able to award subsequent fines or imprisonment for criminal offenses or points, fines or a driving ban for administrative offenses.

Police in an accident with minor damage

In the event of minor damage, many drivers do not want to call the police in an accident. The reasons are many and varied from lack of time to fear of sanctions. When you report accidents, the police also check whether a traffic offense has occurred. If this is the case, there is a fine for those affected in accordance with the catalog of fines.

But there is also no statutory obligation to call the police in every accident. At minor scratches or dents it is perfectly legitimate to do without the officials.

However, if there is a suspicion that a Driver drunk or intoxicated you should report the car accident to the police. Call 110 and explain the situation. If the other party to the accident insists on the presence of the officers, you must respect that.

It also makes sense to report the traffic accident if it does Dispute about the accident guilt gives or the Other party involved in the accident refuses to hand over the data for claims settlement. Even if you are put under pressure or you suspect that the crash was provoked, the police after the accident are certainly appropriate.

The same applies in the case of Hit and run. If you were on the road and your parked car was damaged, you should contact the police charge against person unknown reimburse. Have you rammed a car yourself and you can ask the vehicle owner for one yourself Waiting time of at least 30 minutes you should report the accident to the police. The officers can then locate the owner. Just drive away like that, you are guilty of the hit and run.

Those involved in the accident should definitely exchange the following data after an accident:

  • name and address
  • Insurance name and insurance number
  • License plate number of the accident vehicle
  • Telephone number for correspondence

Accident without police: insurance doesn't always pay

It just happened Minor damage such as parking bumps, small scratches or Dents you can settle the accident without the police. In the case of minor property damage, it is often sufficient to use the European accident report fill in and exchange the contact details.

In the event of major damage, however, most insurance companies require one official accident report. If this is not the case, this can be a reason for the insurer to reduce the benefit.

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Call the police and report the accident
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