What is the meaning of speaking 1

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From: Maria Geipel

Status: April 8th, 2020

Here we answer the following questions:

  • What does communication mean?
  • What do communication models do?
  • Why is it worthwhile to deal with the processes of communication?

Life without contact with other people? Unthinkable! We communicate every day to share and maintain contacts. Often we can "read minds", but sometimes "we talk past each other" or "turn our ears to draft". Communication can run very differently.

Communication is probably the most important link between us humans. We exchange information, ask others to do something, or talk about our feelings. Of course, we also expect a response to it. Communication is therefore based on reciprocity. The communication partners interact with each other. This means that they react to each other by using words or their face (facial expressions) and their bodies (gestures).

How the communication looks exactly and whether it succeeds depends on everyone involved. In order to understand and prevent communication disorders, arguments and conflicts, it is helpful to deal with the communication processes. Communication scientists have developed various models for this.

Communication models try to illustrate human communication. However, the models are never reality itself, but instead they depict the complex reality in a simplified manner. They are used to describe or analyze reality from certain points of view.