What are the worst laws in Germany

15 absurd laws from all over the world

Apply in some countries bizarre lawsthat you should definitely pay attention to during your next vacation, otherwise it can quickly become expensive. Have you ever chewed gum, kissed someone goodbye at the train station or even drank alcohol at election time? Then watch out, because this is not allowed everywhere! In some countries there is absurd lawswhere the most mundane things are strictly forbidden.

Pointless and stupid laws from all over the world

Before you get fined for something that is completely normal in Germany on your next trip, it's a good idea to read on. Today we introduce you to the most absurd laws from all over the world in front.

Kissing is prohibited at the train station in France

The law that forbids kissing has been in force on the platform in France since 1910. The reason for the restriction were regular train delays caused by kissing goodbye on the platform. Interestingly, such prohibition signs are still there today, someone should claim again that Paris is the city of love.

No alcohol is consumed in Norway at the time of the election

In Norway, alcoholic beverages higher than 4.75% are not allowed to be consumed during the elections as the alcohol could influence the vote.

Chewing gum is banned in Singapore

If you don't want to pay a fine of 1000 euros, then you shouldn't chew gum in Singapore. The law came into force in 1992 on the grounds that chewing gum causes many harm to the environment and citizens.

Sabbath in Israel

Be careful not to pick your nose, especially on this day, otherwise you are breaking the law.

No bill may bear the name Napoleon

If you should ever get a certificate in France, then you should know that you cannot name it Napoleon. Incidentally, Napoleon himself brought this law into effect.

Special privileges for pregnant women in the UK

Interestingly, pregnant women in the UK are legally protected and are the only ones allowed to urinate anywhere.

Do not die in the Parliament of Great Britain

And another bizarre law from Great Britain: It is forbidden to die in the British Parliament? Absurd? Definitely! The reason is simple, the building has the status of a royal palace. If you die here, you are entitled to a correspondingly royal funeral.

Don't be kidding in Washington

Have you ever joked that you had a mansion or a Ferrari? This kind of joke is not allowed in Washington.

Only drive a clean car in Russia

In Russia it is not allowed to drive a dirty car. Our advice is to pack a rag just in case!

You are not allowed to take a bath at night in Switzerland

In Switzerland, it seems to bother the neighbors at night when you take a bath. From 10 a.m. you are breaking the law!

The importance of cycling in Italy

You need a driving license to cycle in Italy. Yes, we know it sounds too absurd, but it's true!

When you rent an apartment in Pennsylvania ...

Pennsylvania has a law that prohibits more than 16 women from living in one apartment, otherwise it could be a brothel.

You are not allowed to lean against a door in Thailand

Yes, leaning on a door is a crime in Thailand.

Don't lick your chopstick in China

It is disrespectful to lick a chopstick in China!

Don't grunt your pet in Oklahoma

One of the most bizarre laws of all can be found in Oklahoma, USA. There it is forbidden to make a grimace at your dog.

Do you know any other stupid laws that the world doesn't need? Which do you find the most absurd?