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Pepsico relies on FUSION

Pepsi Twist is now available in Italy in the aluminum bottle FUSION from Rexam Beverage Can. The Cola from Pepsico has been offered in lightweight premium packaging as part of a test run since February. With this, the company wants to reach young consumers who are keen to go out and who are actively looking for trend and lifestyle products. FUSION conveys a special drinking experience and makes the product with its extraordinary appearance an "eye catcher" on the drinks shelf.

Massimo Ambrosini, President and Marketing Director Pepsico Italy, on the new packaging: “Pepsi is always looking for new and exciting marketing solutions. We firmly believe in the potential of the FUSION bottle for the out-of-home market. Pepsi Twist is our most innovative product, so it goes perfectly with the stylish aluminum bottle from Rexam. "

The aluminum bottle FUSION was developed as a marketing tool to support beverage manufacturers in reaching new target groups and new markets. It is very light, unbreakable and reliably protects drinks from oxygen and light. The cool aluminum keeps the contents cold for a long time and ensures a special feeling of freshness. FUSION is resealable and therefore the ideal packaging for the out-of-home market, which Pepsico is targeting with Pepsi Twist. As circular packaging, it makes a contribution to conserving resources, because FUSION is 100 percent and infinitely recyclable.

Monica Mantovani, Sales Manager Rexam Italy, concluded: "The collaboration with Pepsico went extremely well and the end product speaks for itself: The bottles look fantastic and add value to the entire product."

Source: Rexam Beverage Can Deutschland GmbH

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