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How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

- Marcus Aurelius

Negative thoughts can take a lot of energy out of you. And the effects are fatal. Not only for the psyche, but also for the body.

You get tired, powerless and generally have little desire to tackle anything at all. And the nasty thing about it: the more negative thoughts you have during the day, the stronger they get.

Negative thoughts are the main reason many people never achieve what they dearly dream of. Instead of focusing on your dreams and realizing them, you lose all your vital energy in this unnecessary carousel of thoughts.

"I can't do this ..." "I can't do this ..."

You run around in your mind all day long, discussing back and forth with yourself and still getting nowhere.

Do you want to know what can be done about it? Then read on ...

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You are what you think

Our thoughts shape our world. The way it looks on the inside, it most likely looks on the outside as well

Here are a few examples:

They say: first comes the inner transformation, then the outer transformation. First it has to be right inside you before your outside world can adapt to this picture.

If you don't have what you long for at the moment, then I guess you are not mature enough inside. But that's not a problem. It's just a statement. And it's better to be honest with yourself here. Because only when you admit that you can work with it.

If you look at top athletes or people who perform at their best in other areas, you will find that all of these people have worked intensively on their inner world. There is no other way. In order to break the world record in the 100 meter run, it must first be possible in your head.

If it's impossible in your head, then in reality it will be impossible too.

How confident are you

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Conscious human or unconscious robot?

Most people are slaves to their thoughts. They have lost control of their heads. Sad but true - that's how most people go through life.

Your thoughts, that is, your old conditioning, determine how you behave, how you feel, and how you think about yourself. This unconscious state is comparable to a robot that rattles off its programmed conditioning day after day.

Does that also apply to you? Yes? Then do not despair. Because of course there is a remedy here too!

Because you have this great thing called "consciousness". And that is exactly the solution to this (and most other) problem: being aware of yourself.

You have to become aware of your own condition.

Just by becoming aware of your thoughts, you regain the upper hand over your mental space and can again determine which program you want to play "up there".

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The four steps to getting rid of negative thoughts

Ok, ready for the four steps to getting rid of negative thoughts? May I help you:

Step 1: exit robot mode

Step number 1, as is so often the case on this page, is awareness. Nothing works without awareness.

If you are not aware that you are operating in a negative thought pattern, then there is nothing you can do about it. So: awareness is the first step. Get out of your automatic robot mode.

Daily mindfulness exercises help a lot to raise your awareness.

Step 2: detective work - take a close look

Don't suppress anything, just look at the matter.

Lots of people try to look the other way, to push the evil away. Of course that doesn't work. On the contrary: it only intensifies the negative thought pattern.

The right approach, whatever your thoughts, is to accept them and then observe them. Only then can you work with them.

So take a good look at your negative thoughts. Welcome them into your consciousness and then, examine them. Take them apart. Go into the details.

Think about it: why do I have this thought? What caused it? Where does it come from? What reasons can I think of that this thought is totally nonsense? What evidence is there that this thought does not correspond to reality?

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Step 3: The alternative search

Choose a positive backlash. For every negative thought that you get repeatedly, find a positive counter-thought.


You often have negative thoughts "I can not". Then remember a sense of achievement where you were really good at something and use it to create a new thought pattern.

You don't even have to live this experience in real life. You can think of something else too. Just imagine the moment you are doing something really well. Feel free to try out different mental images or experienced situations and then choose one that suits you.

Step 4: do the mind swap

Replace the negative thought with the positive backlash. Now every time you get that negative thought, replace it with your positive backlash.

This will take some practice at the beginning. But the more you become aware of these situations and go through these four steps, the easier it will be for you.

The practical tip: get rid of negative thoughts forever

Here again the 4 steps briefly summarized:

  • Step 1: become aware of your thoughts
  • Step 2: Observe and analyze your thoughts
  • Step 3: Think of a positive thought as an alternative
  • Step 4: replace the negative with the positive thought

The hardest part of the whole thing is of course to become aware of yourself and the negative thoughts. Often times these are very subtle and hidden.

Therefore, the same applies here: practice, practice, practice. A little bit every day.

It's about regaining control of your thoughts and shaping life according to your wishes instead of maneuvering through life like an unconscious robot.

Your old conditioning may be stubborn, but through continuous awareness it will decrease in strength and you will gradually become a master of your thoughts again.

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