Are Canadians friendly to Asians

The modern residents of Canada are the descendants of European and Asian emigrants, including representatives of rare Indian North American peoples. Indians now make up only 2% of the country's total population. Canada's development began in the 16th century when the first settlement of French colonists appeared on the territory of what is now Quebec. Later, the influence of France was replaced by the predominance of the British Empire, which is why the country has two full official languages ​​- French and English. French Canadians live mainly in the province of Quebec, while the English-speaking population occupies the rest of the territory. Historically, they have developed complex relationships.

Canadians in their majority are very friendly and optimistic people. The country has a very high standard of living, free medicine and good services, and therefore the concept of 'poverty' is practically non-existent. In Canada, a person of any background will not experience discrimination based on nationality. The most important concepts for Canadians are 'equality' and 'freedom'. The locals are very peaceful; You always try to avoid open conflict.

Respect and equality for everyone in the country is the norm for Canadians. It is not customary in the country to judge other people by clothing, car, or work. Canadians say or write their name first and only then their last name, demonstrating that the person himself is more important than his or her origin.

Another characteristic of Canadians is courtesy. You are incredibly polite; the habit of asking for forgiveness is in their blood. 'Sorry' is one of the most popular words among the locals. They greet and care about the affairs of everyone they meet - the bus driver or the tourist asking for directions.

Canadians always smile; the smile is part of their culture and way of communication. Visitors are always quick to become infected by this habit and start smiling with the locals and enjoying the most common facets of life. Elderly people and the disabled in the country are given special attention. Infrastructures for people with disabilities in the country are incredibly developed; You can freely go to any institution and lead a full-fledged way of life.

The main sport in Canada is ice hockey. It is played by men, women and children. Hockey is an important part of Canadian culture and a real passion for the locals.

In Canada it is not customary to organize traditional festivals, especially among young people. Exceptions are traditional holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Canadians take care of their health and play sports all over the world. On a run you can see both students and people in old age. It is therefore not surprising that most Canadians are in excellent physical shape. Canadians drink very little, almost always light, local beer, and they practically do not smoke. The country has a very low crime rate and a high level of mutual trust.