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Hospital manager

Working as a hospital manager

Important skills as a hospital manager

As a health care worker, you should understand something about health, but the job of a hospital manager is more of a part of the administrative apparatus of a hospital. Because hospital management is in part similar to that in a company. That's why you also need administrative and commercial expertise. After all, you make sure that medical equipment does not become outdated, that every employee really gets their salary and that the clinic does not spend more than it has in its budget. These competencies are rounded off by experience in quality management and knowledge of health economics. Your tasks include coordinating teams and guiding employees. To do this, you need leadership skills, the ability to work in a team and a flair for organization. Since you are in contact with doctors and nurses as well as cooks and cleaning staff, you also need empathy and be able to deal with people well. In addition, you sometimes have contact with patients.

Important hard skills

Commercial knowledgeKnowledge in business administrationPharmacological knowledgeMedical knowledgeKnowledge in risk managementKnowledge in human resource managementKnowledge in quality managementKnowledge in nursingSpecialization in health economics

Important soft skills

Ability to work in a teamLogical thinking skillsAnalytical working methodEmpathySocial skillsOrganizational skills

How do I become a hospital manager?

There is no training in the job of hospital manager, but rather a degree that combines economic and health aspects, such as health management. You can complete this either at a university or a technical college. Depending on which path you choose, you will already experience more or less practical elements during your studies. If you decide to study theory at a university, you should still complete internships in order to make initial contacts for your later professional life and to gain work experience. If you have already completed an apprenticeship, you can also complete the course part-time. However, you should keep in mind that you should not only do the Bachelor, but also the Master.

Advanced training and specializations

As a hospital manager, you already have a degree that qualifies you for the job. Nevertheless, it is possible to complete another specialized degree. The subjects of service management or business administration are particularly suitable. Further training can also make your day-to-day work easier by training you in controlling or IT security.

Future prospects as a hospital manager

Your career prospects don't just have to be in hospitals, nursing homes or clinics. You can also work as a consultant in the healthcare industry if you have an advisory streak. In order to do a good job and maybe at some point take over the management of a clinic, you should maintain contacts and develop a network. Because a hospital lives from its good reputation and so does your job. In the future, digitization should also reach hospitals and thus you too. Electronic patient files, digital bed planning and networking with special or rehabilitation clinics are just a few buzzwords. As a result, the health industry has to deal more intensively with data protection and IT security and break new ground here.